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Articles Home » Music Talk » She Made Me Do It Interview with the Electronic Wave Duo Will Crewdson and Shaheena Dax By: Rachel Salinger
She Made Me Do It Interview with the Electronic Wave Duo Will Crewdson and Shaheena Dax By: Rachel Salinger

She Made Me Do It

Interview with the Electronic Wave Duo Will Crewdson and Shaheena Dax

By: Rachel Salinger, Contributing Writer

Boston Rock Radio

RS: The rumor is rock music is dead. No more. The world has gone pop. What do you say?

Will:​ Both rock and pop are such broad terms to me that I fail to see how either could die. They will both always mutate into something new as long as humans still exercise their creativity. I’ve noticed more and more guitar bands emerging all over the world over the last few years so it does look hopeful. Whether or not enough of them can retain their originality is another matter.​

RS: What do your live shows look and feel like? Do you play covers? How much is your own original material when playing live?

Will:​ We like to be quite spontaneous and that’s coming out more since we started using live drums. I never play the same solo twice unless it’s by happy accident.​ We like to do at least one cover in the set but the rest are all our own songs. So far we’ve covered Matthew Sweet, The Cure, The Divinyls and The Nymphs.​

RS: What notable differences have you found between the audiences in the states as opposed to Europe when performing?​

Will:​ We haven’t played in the States yet but we have with other bands. I find it generally a more enthusiastic and vocal audience. Having said that one of the best gigs I ever did was in Berlin in a packed sweaty club.​

RS: How about in general? Is there a keenly marked difference in how music is treated and revered in the Western cultural when viewing it by comparison​ to the rest of the music globe?

Will:​ I think people anywhere are just generally appreciative of you actually making an effort and traveling to play for them. The further you get away from your hometown the better.​

RS: How does the presence of music and how it is received nowadays influence our intake into the brain? We used to be more 'hands-on' with purchasing vinyl, CD's, etc... now we all can digitally within seconds listen. On/Off. What do you as artists still prefer? How do you purchase music?​

​ ​
Will::​ We just put out our first slab of vinyl and it felt really good to get it back from the pressing plant. It definitely feels better as an artist to know that someone has your work physically on their shelf at home.​ Personally, I don’t mind downloading and some of my favourite artists that are releasing new music are actually avoiding iTunes and Spotify etc. so I have to pay them directly which is not a bad thing.​

RS: Talk to us about your music video "Bones" as its lyrical l content fits the title so very well. In fact, it comes across as a bit creepy in story form.​

Shaheena:​ ‘Bones’ is about intense sexual attraction. I imagined a dark tale of obsession set​ at  4am​ on a foggy London night outside a disreputable nightclub.​

RS: Was the music and video planned together simultaneously? They fit very well.

Shaheena:​ I think we both felt that we wanted a performance video for this one. Duncan Catterall, whom we’ve worked with many times before now on previous videos, directed it and did a great job of capturing the essence and energy of the song. It was nearly perfect with his first edit; we hardly had to tweak anything. I loved the video instantly...this is why we will keep working together. He really ‘gets’ the band and the music.​ ​We’ve just filmed a video with Duncan for ‘Broken Morning’ in a beautifully lit Georgian building which is being edited just now.​

RS: Who have been some of your influencers musically along the way?

Shaheena:​ Depeche Mode,​ The Cure,​ Nine Inch Nails,​ Joy Division,​ The Chameleons,​ Monster Magnet, Nirvana...So many more.

Will:​ Depeche Mode, Fad Gadget, XTC, The Tubes, Adam and the Ants, Die Antwoord, Nitzer Ebb, The Church, Jellyfish etc., etc​.

RS: Describe the perfect venue/club to perform in.

Shaheena:​ Dark and smoky, cool lighting, high stage, good sound, and lots of people.​

RS: When can we expect another video and will any touring come with it?

Will :​ New video for ‘Broken Morning’ from the Drenched EP coming very soon!​ Loads of dates coming up in April/May/June. Full list at​ SheMMDI.com

Will Crewdson

Band Website

Listen on Spotify

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