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Greenbeard Interview By: Allyson Kingsley, Music Journalist

Greenbeard Interview

By: Allyson Kingsley, Music Journalist

Boston Rock Radio

 Austin's stoner/desert rock trio GREENBEARD launched their new EP 'Onward, Pillager' via the Denver, Colorado label Sailor Records on December 22nd. 'Onward, Pillager' serves as a teaser for an upcoming, full-length release on Sailor Records in 2019.

Greenbeard is:

 Chance Allan: guitarist /vocalist

Jeff Klein: bassist

Buddy Hachar: drummer


BRR: Today, we will speaking with Texas-based band Greenbeard. I'd like to begin at the beginning. If you could give us a little history of your band and the significance of the band name. 

GREENBEARD: We started this band in 2014. As far as the band name goes, we wanted to keep things pretty transparent.

BRR: With whom have you performed with and what are your favorite venues to frequent?

GREENBEARD: As of most recent, we've been hitting up Lafayette's Freetown Boom Boom Room rather frequently. The place has great vibes, and killer people running that joint. The Boom Boom Room is also home for some choice bands right now like Forming the Void, Ole English, Capra, Radiant Knife, and Vermilion Whiskey. 

BRR: I see that in addition to your latest EP Onward, Pillager, that you've had a self-titled EP and two prior full lengths. How has your style evolved and what inspires you to write?


GREENBEARD: We like to challenge ourselves on a regular basis. 

BRR: Who is credited with the album art on Onward, Pillager?

GREENBEARD: Our main man, Antoine Defarges is credited for the album art. He is constantly impressing us with his work. He's done our entire discography since we put out our first EP. We love his work, and it's been great to watch it evolve laterally with our music. 

BRR: Describe the themes behind the tracks on Onward, Pillager.

GREENBEARD: Onward, Pillager’s themes revolve around a few different ideas. The entire project started as we got to working on our next full length album. We had been wanting to work on the new record with Jeff Henson at Red Nova Ranch. We had some other songs we've been working on and decided to bring those into the studio as a way to get the ball rolling with Henson. Working on this EP was a perfect way to check the studio out and get on the same workflow with Henson. We are really pleased with the way everything turned out. This EP also features some guest appearances and collaborations--the first track, "Contact High II" features Conrad Keely (....And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead) on synthesizers. We couldn't have asked for a better intro track. It is a great way to kick things off for this EP.

BRR: Your website hints at an upcoming full length in 2019. Maybe you could elaborate on your work thus far on the upcoming album and what you have planned for 2019 for touring.

GREENBEARD: The album has been written and we are going back into Red Nova Ranch in January to start recording it. Things should be done by the summer, and will be doing some US tour dates shortly after with our buds in Ladykiller.

BRR: Can you describe what the metal scene is like in Texas?

GREENBEARD: Things are rad down here. We got a big team of heavy hitters, and everyone is working and looking out for each other's backs. We help each other with booking/promoting shows, printing merch, sharing gear, vehicles, etc.; everyone is doing what they can to help their homie get up to the next level. For as big as this state is, you wind up bumping into familiar faces no matter what city you are playing in and have to ask, "Wait. Where do you actually live, because every time I see you, it is in another place?” On top of that, it always rules to bump into a fellow Texan band on the road. SXSW is probably the best time to be here because it is a great excuse to get everyone together and rage. I know there are a few ragers lined up for 2019 like Black Smoke Conjuring, Stoner Jam, and Austin Terror Fest Presents. 

BRR: What is it about the music you create that keeps you going?

GREENBEARD: It's just what we do. 

BRR: We thank you for your time and wish you all the best in the future. Keep us posted at Boston Rock Radio as it nears the release of your upcoming album.

GREENBEARD: Hell yeah. Thanks for checking out the new EP! We'll keep you updated. There's lots of cool stuff brewing for 2019.








Greenbeard's first confirmed tour dates for 2019 whirlwind around their appearance at the Maryland Doom Fest. More dates, details, and event links will be announced soon.

June 11 - Dallas, Texas
June 12 - Tulsa, Oklahoma
June 13 - Kansas City, Missouri
June 14 - Denver, Colorado
June 15 - Omaha, Nebraska
June 16 - Chicago, Illinois
June 17 - Fort Wayne, Indiana
June 18 - Lexington, Kentucky
June 19 - Cleveland, Ohio
June 20 - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
June 21 - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
June 22 - Frederick, Maryland - MARYLAND DOOM FEST
June 23 - Richmond, Virginia
June 24 - Raleigh, North Carolina
June 25 - Savannah, Georgia
June 26 - Jacksonville, Florida
June 27 - Atlanta, Georgia
June 28 - Nashville, Tennessee
June 29 - Knoxville, Tennessee
July 01 - Shreveport, Louisiana

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