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      Articles Home » Music Talk » The Sixth Chamber Interview with Rahne Pistor By Allyson Kingsley
      The Sixth Chamber Interview with Rahne Pistor By Allyson Kingsley

      The Sixth Chamber

      Interview with Rahne Pistor

      By Allyson Kingsley, Music Journalist

      Boston Rock Radio 


      BRR: As we gear up for the holiday madness, it's always a good time for some sinister metal. Today I will be interviewing The Sixth Chamber who hail from California and are considered “gothic metal.” We spoke with band leader Rahne Pistor to go in depth about their unique sound and creativity.

      I hear a lot of other influences on your album Mythos that goes beyond the gothic metal realm. I hear influences of King Diamond and maybe some Hawkwind. Can you further define your influences and why your music sounds so unique?

      RP: King Diamond is a major influence since I was a small child and I became fascinated with his music after seeing a news report during the Satanic panic. I was a big fan when it was horribly uncool to like that kind of metal and first saw him play in 1999 and 2000, I believe, as King Diamond and I was lucky enough to catch a Mercyful Fate reunion. Hawkwind I first heard and became a fan in the 90s as well. These sorts of bands led me to having a penchant for the mythic, mystic and phantasmic. It’s far fetched to think of my music as virtuosic as King Diamond, probably more Hawkwind’s speed, and I like to think that good lyrics, hooks and listenable arrangements could also be a strong point.

      BRR: My choice tracks on the album Mythos are “Hexthrower” and “Hyena.” Can you describe the themes behind these songs?


      RP: “Hexthrower” is about a tortured nomad warrior who deals with unspeakable feats or physical and mental persecution along his journey. It was inspired by visiting the ancient ruins and a particular sarcophagus in Olympos, Turkey and imagining the excruciating suffering and dog eat dog mode of life in ancient times and realizing that barring modern conveniences not much has changed. We all find ourselves in excruciating hells that we just cannot break free of. And obviously I managed to somehow tie a blues influence in there.
      “Hyena” is basically just a filthy blues rocker about bad love and perpetual lack of satisfaction and the disgust that causes. When we came upon an opportunity to have Ron Jeremy be kind enough to volunteer to be in a music video of ours, at first I didn’t know what to do. I’m like, that would be fucking amazing but I’m not really sure we have the type of song that would work for a Ron Jeremy thing and then I’m like ok we have this one track “Hyena” that would be perfect and we just developed the concept from there riffing off of Holy Mountain and casting Ron as a sleazy treacherous cowbell slapping wizard.

      BRR: Your recent video for “Entrance to the Cold Waste” has superb cinematography. Who helped with the video and why did you choose the place featured? It perfectly evokes the setting for the song.

      RP: So I am fortunate enough to have met this filmmaker and cult film enthusiast who runs the film company Cult Epics. Nico referred me to the director Constantin Werner who had worked on the film Betty Page: Dark Angel with him and had more recently done a mythological feature film called Pagan Queen. Constantin and I got on quite well as friends and he was not only serious about making the video as spectacular a work of art as possible but I appreciated that he really listened and tried to make my vision as an artist come alive. That’s pretty important when you have a film representing your music. It’s gotta represent what your band is about and this video did that perfectly. And I’ve always had an obsession with filming in the otherworldly wastelands of Death Valley.

      BRR: Mahafsoun is featured in the video and she is well-known for her exotic belly-dancing. She certainly portrayed her vampiric character with seeming ease. How did you meet her?

      RP: I’ve always loved the exotic and slightly mystic sounds of Middle Eastern music and the mysterious culture including belly dance. I thought one day to search the internet to see if there were any belly dancers with a dark or gothic flare not knowing that such a thing even existed. And lo and behold there she was, a pioneering figure in that dance niche, this exquisite vampiric creature and beautiful dreamer. We became close friends and I dare say that our experiences working together creating art are on a level like few could hope to match. I feel so fortunate to have met her and to have had the opportunity to work with her. She has such a genuine artists spirit and inspires me in a muse-like fashion on a daily basis.

      BRR: Stanton Lavey also makes a cameo appearance in “Entrance to the Cold Waste.” How did come to be in your video?

      RP: Stanton was notoriously on the LA scene and I first got to meet him years ago when The Sixth Chamber was opening up for Steel Panther at the Key Club on the Sunset Strip. I had already known who he was from reading a biography about Anton LaVey growing up and I knew of his store Odium that he had for a brief time. He sort of popped up on the scene and started hosting Satanic and LaVey-themed events and screenings around town and I took the chance to re-introduce myself and invited him to play the part of a crude heathen elder god from a guttural sect of ancient devil cult in the music video and he really nailed it! His resemblance to his grandfather Anton LaVey is at times uncanny.

      BRR: Who is credited with your makeup artistry?

      RP: Funny enough I came up with the makeup concept, having no background in makeup whatsoever other than a few goth type photo shoots over the years. The makeup was all natural substance including clay and ash from a fire pit and was based on the aghori mystic cannibal cult in India.

      BRR: What are the future plans for The Sixth Chamber? Any chance you might tour the East Coast in the future?

      RP: Our plans our to finish an album of new material, track by track, that I can look back on and be proud of the rest of my life.

      BRR: What is your opinion of the current surge of interest in black metal and gothic metal?

      RP: I love that gothic metal is becoming popular, the new goths are so much cooler and less stodgy and miserable and critical and horrible than the old goths. Trust me! As far as black metal, I’ve always been conflicted about it. I love some of the riffs and beautiful dark operatic sections and imagery and song concepts but I absolutely hate that constant grunting blast beat cookie monster tough guy bullshit. I like a singer who wail with soul like Ronnie James Dio and Messiah Marcolin. I think the band that has truly found a balance and come into their own with a groundbreaking sound and quality songwriting is Behemoth with their new track “Bartzabel.” That is a true gem.

      BRR: What are you guys listening to as of late?

      RP: Moonspell, Crypt Sermon, Behemoth, Dead Can Dance, Candlemass, Om, Shiva in Exile, Conan, Danzig and always some Dio.

      BRR: Thank you for taking time to interview with us. On behalf of Boston Rock Radio, I'd like to wish you luck on your future endeavors and thank you for contributing to the ever growing metal realm.




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