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      Articles Home » Music Talk » THE AUDIODACITY Interview With Billy Grey By Nina McCarthy
      THE AUDIODACITY Interview With Billy Grey By Nina McCarthy


      Interview With Billy Grey

      By Nina McCarthy, Sr. Music Journalist

      Boston Rock Radio

      Introducing, The Audiodacity, a new tri-state Rock and Roll band that features Billy Grey from Fozzy on guitars, Dusty Winterrowd of Allele and Cyberstar on drums and Marcus Davis of Ph8 and Methods of Mayhem on vocals.

      “‘Bridges Burned’ is a song about recognizing and accepting your past. It is about championing the ability we all have to move forward and learn from every mistake we’ve made. Everybody makes bad decisions in life. It is all about what we do with our lives after those bad decisions and how we pick ourselves back up. This song is a call and a reminder to everyone that it is never too late to change. Life isn’t over until it is over" says the band.”-press release from O'Donnell Media

      BRR: Being the guitarist for Fozzy, what made you decide to start another project and how did it come about? 

      BG: Being a guitarist in Fozzy, a lot of the times, especially recently on the last record Rich Ward and the producer and writer Johnny Andrews wrote all of the record, (I did play guitar and write some of the guitar parts), so I didn’t really get the opportunity to write music of my own, which I really love to do and I have to let that creative outlet come forth or I go kind of crazy. The drummer from The Audiodacity, Dusty, and myself we had started a band called Cyberstar about three or four years ago with Jasen Moreno from Drowning Pool. That didn’t work out so Dusty and I decided we were just going to keep on writing music and low and behold Marcus Davis called us and said he’d be happy to lay down some vocals for us for a song we had finished. He sent back some vocal melodies and lyrics and it was so awesome that we decided to form a band with him and keep it rolling and now we have The Audiodacity.

      BRR: You are from Georgia, Dusty from Florida, and Marcus from Arizona. Do you all get together and record or do you do a lot of it online thru email and so forth?

      BG: Yes, email. I’ll come up with a guitar riff and send it on over to Dusty and tell him a beat idea I have and he’ll run with that and get it done and then we’ll send it over to Marcus. We’ll change little things here and there tweak little things and that’s how we build the songs.

      BRR: How would you describe the sound of this project?

      BG: Our sound is like heavy rock with hints of EDM, hints of pop hooks with lots of melody, but also lots of heavy vocals as well. Our goal is to be a no boundaries band.

      BRR: Sounds good! The first song “Bridges Burned” has been released to introduce the band. Tell me about the writing and recording of that song.

      (The lyric video can be seen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dANhHtvwF0E)

      BG: We got all the music done first. Marcus wrote all the lyrics and the melody. We did that via emails in our own studios but to get it done together we went over to a studio in Phoenix, AZ with producer Matt Good, who had done the last Asking Alexandria record. We re-recorded the whole song at his studio and put it out there.

      BRR: What can you tell me about the full length album that you plan to release in 2019?

      BG: We are going to do an EP. We aren’t shooting for a full length album, even though we have the material to. The rest of the album will be more rock jam, but there is a lot of synthesizer based stuff, a lot of EDM hits, and all kinds of stuff, acoustic guitars and everything. It’s going to be a heavy rock based EP, but like I said, with no boundaries in it.

      BRR: What are your tour plans to support the release?

      BG: We plan to start playing some shows, hopefully around March or April of 2019 and see if we can jump on some runs with friends and get out there and play to the world; otherwise we will just do spot shows of our own.

      BRR: You kind of touched on this a little already, but what do you think will set The Audiodacity apart from all the other bands out there?

      BG: What will set us apart is Marcus’ vocals. He has a very wide range and style. He can scream with the best of them but he can also just sing with lots of melody and we love pop hooks because that is what basically makes for a good song, a good hook and a good chorus and something that means something lyrically, and beats and guitar riffs that move you. We are going to keep going with that and be ourselves and hopefully that will set us apart.

      BRR: I love that, the hard rock with touches of other elements, so I think that’s why I liked the song. In conclusion, what else would you like to tell our readers about The Audiodacity? I always have trouble saying that name!

      BG: It is a bit of a tongue twister. Keep hitting the videos, keep sharing us on social media, if you like the song, go to all the digital outlets. It’s available out there for purchase. Keep sharing the YouTube videos and keep up with us on social media. We will be releasing a new single real soon and hopefully it is going to start snowballing and we’ll start playing out real soon.

      BRR: Great. “Bridges Burned” can now be heard and requested on Boston Rock Radio. It’s been a pleasure talking to you, Billy, and I look forward to the EP so I can hear more!

      BG: Cool, Thank you Nina. I appreciate you interviewing me today. As soon as we have some tour dates we’ll put them online for sure.



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