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Articles Home » Music Talk » The Faim Interview with Josh Raven By Mindy Stevenson, Music Journalist Boston Rock Radio
The Faim Interview with Josh Raven By Mindy Stevenson, Music Journalist Boston Rock Radio

The Faim

Interview with Josh Raven

By Mindy Stevenson, Music Journalist

Boston Rock Radio


(photo credit: Jonathan Weiner)


Josh Raven – Lead Vocals (3rd from left)

Sam Tye – Guitar

Stephen Beerkens – Bass and Keyboard

Sean Tighe – Drums and Percussion


The Faim’s music has resonated with fans all over the world. This Australian band has already accumulated over eight million total streams globally, and by the end of 2018, The Faim will have toured extensively, performing at festivals like Download, Slam Dunk, and Reading & Leeds, and sharing the stage with the likes of PVRIS, Against The Current, Sleeping With Sirens, Hands Like Houses, Lower Than Atlantis, The Dangerous Summer, and PVMNTS.


The Faim announced their first ever US tour (supporting Hands Like Houses in Nov. and Dec.). They will be playing Brighton Music Hall in Boston, MA on Friday, Nov 23, 2018. I had a chance to ask vocalist Josh Raven some questions and I will be attending the show in Boston. Stay tuned for the live show review.


BRR: Welcome to the US for your tour! We are very excited to have you! How has your time here been so far?

We’re very excited to be here! Our short time touring in the US has been absolutely incredible so far. We’ve previously traveled to Los

Angeles and New York, but it’s eye-opening seeing the variety of culture and character that makes up your wonderful country. It’s our first time touring here and the reaction to our performance has been more welcoming and energetic than we ever expected.

BRR: You've done some festivals and touring in the past year in places like Germany, France, UK and many more. What is your favorite venue so far and are you looking forward to any places coming up in your tour?

It’s very hard to narrow down a favorite venue because everyone has its own exciting aspects. I love being able to change my performance every single show. I’m very impulsive on stage so before you know it, I’ll be exploring not only the stage but jumping in the crowd and climbing whatever is in reach. The Yo-yo in Paris was one of those venues, but I find my ways to enjoy every single show regardless of size or obstacles.

BRR: Do you have any interesting or funny stories you can share from touring?

There’s an endless amount. Touring in its own right is sometimes a giant funny/interesting story. One of the most interesting was playing a show at the O2 Forum in London for the first time and hearing every single person in the crowd chant back the lyrics to every song. Writing at a young age, I’ve never imagined hearing so many people sing along let alone how it would make me feel. The sense of bliss is hard to describe, but it was one of the most surreal moments and one that I will never forget.

BRR: You’ve worked with some great people (John Feldmann, Pete Wentz, Ashton Irwin and recently Dave Bassett, Alex Gaskarth and Mike Green) on both the EP and the upcoming album. Is there someone in particular who you've wanted to work with but haven't yet?

There are so many people I want to work with. One of my many dreams is writing a song with Brendon Urie from Panic! At The Disco, Paul McCartney of The Beatles, or Steven Tyler from Aerosmith, but there’s countless others. One thing I’m realizing more than ever is that sometimes it’s the person you don’t expect that inspires inspiration. Someone on the street, a relative, a memory, a friend or the melody of a bird. I’m starting to understand that inspiration lies in every aspect of life.

BRR: On the new EP, Summer is a Curse, there is quite a diverse range of songs. Tell us a bit about your writing process on this EP.

Our writing process is a diverse one. For us, anything can spark an idea, whether it’s a concept, melody, lyric, chord progression or even the environment we’re in. Our priority is always honesty. If we weren’t honest writers then we couldn’t write from an honest place and as a singer, I need to have a connection and control. It would affect the live performance/the recording process and my morale as someone who feels emotionally and spiritually connected with music. We always write acoustically. If something sounds/feels good stripped of its production and editing then we know we have something special.

BRR: How have fans responded to the new EP?

They continue to exceed our expectations in the best way possible. Not only do the support us wholeheartedly, the inspiration, confidence and dedication for our message is beautiful. These songs are so open and honest and to know that we’re creating a positive connection with people all over the world gives us confidence in ourselves. We see tattoos of lyrics, incredible fan art, covers, make up concepts, merch and seeing this amount of love makes us want to be the best versions of ourselves we possibly can be. They’ve given us the world and we hope we can give the same back.

BRR: One of my favorite songs off the new album is “My Heart Needs to Breathe.” It’s catchy and a little different than the rest of the EP. Is there a story behind the song you can share?

I feel that everyone in life experiences the lessons of a negative relationship. I was in a toxic relationship for a long time and it’s easy to say to yourself “this is okay,” “this is normal” or “things will get better” but this song applies to everyone; whether you’re feeling judged, trapped, confused, angry, guilty, or any other negative emotion that life throws at you. Sometimes the best thing to do is find a positive part of yourself which could be family, a passion, a dream, a hobby and let tunnel vision swallow you so have nowhere to go but up. No one deserves to feel like there’s no way out of a negative situation or it’s what they deserve. Life is too short for those lies.

BRR: What milestones have you met so far in your musical careers? What are your goals going forward?

For our short career so far we’ve hit some incredible milestones. This year we’ve played 80 shows across Australia, the U.K. and Europe, and performed at incredible festivals like Slam Dunk, Download and Reading & Leeds.

BRR: What motivates you to move forward when things get frustrating?

The connection and feeling I see with family, friends, people I’ve never met or have recently met. Music is a therapy for me and to see so many people connect with the most natural part of myself is a feeling that nothing can replicate. I’m grateful every single day to be pursuing my dream while inspiring people around the world to do the same. No matter what obstacle this journey throws at me, my passion for music and the people behind it will never ever die.

BRR: Josh, you had said in an interview that you are a bit of a bookworm. What are your favorite books? In what ways do you think they inspired your songwriting at all?

That’s a tough question. I read a ridiculous amount of books, especially on tour. Some of my favorites are Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, Bram Stoker's Dracula and a few of my favorite writers are Shakespeare, Edgar Allan Poe, and Banjo Patterson. Frankenstein has inspired me so much over the years, in writing music, poetry, novels and a few random screenplays in my spare time. It’s such an interesting and tragic tale of acceptance, creation, passion and determination. I can relate to many aspects and I can find in its complexity, attention to detail and the way it can relate to the modern day creator. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of reading it because I feel like I discover something new as my perspective of the world fluctuates and develops.

BRR: What advice might you have for bands starting out?

My advice is stay true to your message and love what you do. If this was easy, everyone would be doing it. Work like someone is always working harder, think like you’ve never thought before and never be afraid to push yourself. Failure is a learning process and criticism should be welcomed. But above everything else, believe in yourself wholeheartedly, even when nobody else does.


Album Review: http://bostonrockradio.com/forum3/articles.php?article_id=392

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