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Articles Home » Music Talk » 3 Headed Snake Interview with Sin Quirin By Nina McCarthy, Sr. Music Journalist Boston Rock Radio
3 Headed Snake Interview with Sin Quirin By Nina McCarthy, Sr. Music Journalist Boston Rock Radio

Interview with Sin Quirin

By Nina McCarthy, Sr. Music Journalist

Boston Rock Radio



LA based metal band 3 Headed Snake, featuring Sin Quirin of legendary industrial band Ministry, have released a self titled debut EP. Sin was kind enough to take some time to tell me more about this project and what we can expect from them in the future. If you like the old school classic metal, than I would suggest you check 3 Headed Snake out!



BRR: I had some dental work this morning, so I’m hoping the novacaine has worn off enough to talk properly, but at least I’ll be transcribing this. I told them I had to be able to talk by 3PM. I’ll get right into things so I don’t take too much of your time. First of all, can you introduce the members of 3 Headed Snake to our readers?


SQ: The joys of the dentist! The band features myself, Johnny Ray on vocals (The Mourning), Cesar Soto on guitar (Ministry), DV Karloff on bass (Society 1), and Derek Abrahams on drums (Ministry).


BRR: You are very active with Ministry, which is very industrial, and you also DJ, what made you decide to return to your classic metal roots with this band?


SQ: It was something I wanted to do for a long time.  It was really must a matter of finding the time with my schedule.  It was the music I listened to growing up and the style I sort of played when I was in my first real bands when I was 18 years old.  It is something I always held near and dear to my heart and I found myself with a little time a few years ago and that’s when I started the project. That’s kind of how it happened but it was really just a matter of finding the right time in my schedule.


BRR: Do you find you have more freedom with this band, since it’s all your lyrics?


SQ: Because I don’t have to listen to Al (Jourgensen)? (laughing)


BRR: You said it, not me! I was avoiding saying it that way.


SQ: Definitely.  The thing with Ministry and Al, he does give me a lot of artistic freedom, mostly in the studio.  He lets me do my thing and than sort of comes in at the end and does his thing to add that dust that makes it sound like Ministry.  But he has always been very open to giving me my freedom.  With 3 Headed Snake, ultimately I’m the one who gives it a thumbs up or a thumbs down, whereas with Ministry everything has to go through Al eventually. In that sense, yeah, I do feel like there is a little bit more freedom with this project.


BRR: There are not too many vocalists that can hit those high notes like Johnny Ray does.  How did you go about finding him?


SQ: It’s funny and this is a true story.  I was up really late one night working on music, about 2 or 3 in the morning, and this was a little over 2 years ago.  I had a handful of songs written and I wanted to start looking for a singer and I had this particular vision in my head. Knowing most of the vocalists out in LA, I didn’t feel that there was one that really fit that style that I was looking for so I went to the internet.  I was on Craigslist, actually, in the musician classified section and I started looking at other cities and other states.  I looked in NY, Chicago, and I started looking in Florida.  There was this ad for a vocalist saying he was looking for a project and looking to make the next move and there was a video link and I thought twice about clicking it because I was thinking it was probably going to be horrible.  I almost didn’t click on the link, but I did and I was blown away with what I heard and saw and I immediately reached out to Johnny and explained to him who I was and what the situation was and told him I had this project in mind and that it was something that would sort of be on the side because my main gig is with Ministry.  I sent him a couple of songs and he got them back to me in a few days.  One of them was “Wisdom Screams” and it was actually pretty close to how it sounds now.  I didn’t do too much tweaking with his vocals.  He pretty much nailed it. So that’s how I found Johnny, through on ad online.


BRR: You often hear nightmares about Craigslist, but I’ve heard a couple good stories like yours from other musicians.


SQ: This was one of the good ones and thank God he didn’t turn out to be a serial killer or something.


BRR: You mentioned “Wisdom Screams” and last month you released the video for that debut single from the self-titled EP (link at bottom). Can you enlighten us a little about the meaning and music behind the song?


SQ: Johnny does all the vocals and lyrics for the band and I handle the music and he likes to leave the lyrics open to interpretation to the listener. It’s just like when you watch a movie and everyone takes something different from it, so we like to leave it kind of open and let the listener decide what it means to them and what they take from it.  As far as the music, I want to say that was the first or second song I wrote for the project, and I sort of wanted to combine the classic metal elements, meaning guitar up front, a little heavy memorable riff, and I left it very open musically in the chorus section because I knew we wanted to have a big strong memorable chorus, which Johnny delivered.  I also wanted to add some organ and some keyboards, which to me, I was thinking of sort of some old school Deep Purple kind of vibe and some Blue Oyster Cult.  I wanted to throw all those elements into that song and sort of blend it all together.


BRR: It’s a great song.  The video was pretty cool to watch with fire dancing and even some fire eating.  Who came up with the idea for the video and what was the experience like filming it?


SQ: Initially, when I reached out to the director Matt Zane (Society 1), who did an amazing job, it was just going to be a straight performance video, which is what it sort of is. I didn’t want to distract the viewer from introducing the band.  At the same time, when we were coming up with ideas, I thought about some fire performers because I was like, “Shit, if this is a classical old school music video, let’s throw in some fire.” Luckily I had some friends who do that for a living so I reached out to Amie Nicole, who is one of the fire performers on there and she’s the one that got Bri Summers and Kelsie (Koziol) and Alicia (Dove) , the other girls.  She brought them to the table and we discussed what I had in mind and that was it.  I also wanted to bring in a small, kind of crowd of people headbanging.  It was just sort of a throwback to 80’s sort of music videos and I wanted to throw all those elements in there.


BRR: The EP only has 3 songs on it.  Why did you decide to keep it at that?


SQ: I’ll tell you the truth.  Initially, the whole project wasn’t meant to be heard by anyone other than myself and Johnny. When I first wrote these songs and I first started thinking about finding a vocalist, it was honestly just for my own enjoyment.  I didn’t think people would really be into it and I just wanted to do it for myself because I wanted to finally record something in that style of which I started playing when I was 19 or so.  Throughout the couple years, I would post small sound clips and people seemed to respond fairly positive to it, so I thought to myself that maybe people would be into it, why not release it?  But it was just to give a taste of what the project is about, that’s why I decided on the three songs.  I just wanted to incorporate something heavy and fast, which is our first track “Symbiotic.”  “Wisdom Screams” encompasses the fast and the slow, and “Money God’ which is a slow, Sabbath-y kind of vibe.  I just wanted to showcase what the band is sort of about in a nutshell.  The plan is for us to do a full length next year.



BRR: Are you currently writing for that next album?


SQ: Definitely. Initially the project was just Johnny and myself, so once we brought in the other guys, they all write and they are all very active in that sense. Cesar has been writing quite a few new song ideas and Johnny and I already have close to an album full of material already.  The band is currently writing and Cesar, Derek and I are going out with Ministry from November 21 to December 21 in the States. When we come back, we’ll just resume writing and start making plans for 2019.  We hope to do some shows in 2019 as well.


BRR: That’s great. You’re answering my questions before I ask them. I hope to see you out on the road.


SQ: It’s kind of cool.  We’ve been getting a lot of feedback from Europe as well, so we are already looking into a possibility of doing some European festivals in the summer of 2019. We have been talking to a few agents who have reached out to me.  We’ll see what happens and how people keep responding to the music.  We did a run of 100 signed EPs and we sold out of them in a little over a week.  So, we’ll see where it takes us next year.


BRR: Europe really appreciates that classic metal.


SQ: Big time.  I’m actually very excited that Europe is taking to it so well.  That’s kind of the market I was hoping would really get it.  There are tons of festivals there that cater to that type of music. I just had a feeling that Europe would really dig this, so I’m hoping that will continue.


BRR: Absolutely and good luck. Thank you Sin. I really appreciate your time and it’s been an honor to talk to you. Is there anything else you’d like to say that I haven’t covered?


SQ: I just want to thank everyone for giving us a listen.  Our music is now available on Spotify and iTunes, and you can still buy the $5 download of the EP on our Bandcamp page at 3headedsnake.bandcamp.com.  The lyrics are there and everything. As far as our social media pages, we are on Facebook, and Instagram is @3headedsnake.


BRR: I actually went to the Bandcamp and really listened to the songs and I really enjoyed them, so I’m looking forward to hearing what you guys have coming out next.


SQ: Awesome, thank you very much.  I appreciate it and I hope your teeth will feel better.


BRR: Thanks and if Ministry comes my way this winter, I’ll be there.


SQ: Cool deal. Let me know.



3 Headed Snake "Wisdom Screams" (Official Music Video)




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