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      Articles Home » Music Talk » BELOW 7 Interview with Eric Sheffield By Nina McCarthy, Sr. Music Journalist Boston Rock Radio
      BELOW 7 Interview with Eric Sheffield By Nina McCarthy, Sr. Music Journalist Boston Rock Radio

      BELOW 7

      Interview with Eric Sheffield

      By Nina McCarthy, Sr. Music Journalist

      Boston Rock Radio


      (All photos courtesy of BELOW 7)


      BELOW 7, from Bristol TN, was founded as a way for the long-time friends to unwind and to share their love of music. What began as a simple cover band morphed into a completely unique beast when the band reunited two years ago.  The modern rock quintet has a solid sound that anyone can relate to. Their music speaks to the deepest aspects of your soul with very little effort. Listening to them feels natural as if they’ve been the soundtrack of your life all along.

      The band is simultaneously unique and familiar all at once, and the good news is that they’ve got a whole lot more fist-pumping songs that are sure to awaken your soul. Now, bringing headbanging your way, BELOW  7’s debut album
      Crashing Down was released by Pavement Entertainment on October 12, 2018. This album caught my ear and I enjoyed hearing more about it from the drummer, Eric.  Find BELOW 7’s music online and take a listen for yourself.



      BRR: Most established artists hate this question, but since you are still kind of new I’m curious about the origin of the band name.


      ES: I knew that one was coming.  A lot of the guys say it’s a secret and I think that’s an inside joke.  I think our guitar player, Todd, came up with this name.  From what I understand, the number 7 is symbolic for perfection or godly and none of us are perfect, so that is kind of what we are saying.


      BRR: That’s actually a really good name now that I understand it more. You guys started as a cover band, played in other bands, and then reunited in 2016 again to do originals. Are all the members the same from the initial forming of the band and what made you decide to become an original band?


      ES: We were originally a cover band and the three of us, Jared, Todd, and myself were all in the band.  We decided to write some songs and that’s kind of how it happened.  We got Lance, our bass player, and Scott, our guitar player, and we decided to record some songs and see what happens, and that’s kind of it.  There are a lot more opportunities with originals.  The cover band kept us busy but we can't really tour on that.


      BRR: I’m glad you decided to go original. I personally love your debut album, Crashing Down, that was released on Oct 12th.  It’s only been out a short time, so are you getting good reviews and what is the response from fans?


      ES: It’s been crazy.  It’s overwhelming really.  As you said, we’re a newer band and we’re doing so much press and media that we never even imagined. Locally, it is insane.  Where we are from, there is not a lot going on so everyone is really taking to us and supporting us.  We have people from Europe and overseas and we’re blowing up, so we are just trying to handle it all and have fun with it.


      BRR: We are internet radio, so our music is heard in over 200 countries. How would you describe the sounds/influences on this album?


      ES: I’d say we are heavy metal, a heavy rock band but we are from the south and that kind of shows in our music. We have that southern metal tinge to it.  Our influences are, well you’re from Boston, so Godsmack is huge and Rob Zombie and Alice in Chains, we kind of take those routes and run with it.  We never really decided to sound like anything particular, we just started writing and that’s how it came out.


      BRR: That’s how the best music comes about. Can you give me some insight into the title, Crashing Down?


      ES: Between all of us, we have so much going on in our personal lives and a lot has hit us all at different times in our life and that is kind of what it is speaking of, the world crashing down on us and how to deal with that, overcome it and handle it.  That’s basically it, dealing with all the problems that the world gives us.


      BRR: The actual title song on the album is more ballad like and is very beautiful.  I enjoyed that.


      ES: That is our softest song on the record and definitely most ballady.  A lot of people that don’t quite listen to our style, they are into that song. So, if you’re not into the heavier side, that’s the song.


      BRR: I think “FU&YM2” is probably my favorite song.  Can you tell me a little bit about it?


      ES: We knew that one way or another we were going to get some heat off that song, good or bad, and that’s what happened.  People love that song. People keep saying, “That’s the song!” and we knew it.  For me, I was kind of worried some people might freak out, but it’s a song about relationships and dealing with all that and right now I think it’s one of our top played songs.


      BRR: I know your tour dates haven’t been announced yet besides some shows in your surrounding area, but please tell me you will be coming to the northeast...anywhere in CT, MA, or RI work best for me.


      ES: We definitely will.  I’m not sure exactly when. Right now we are playing locally and gearing up for 2019. We hope to do a full US tour in support of this record and we’ll definitely be up your way.  I’ve never personally even been up that way, so I’m excited to get up there.  There are so many great bands out of Massachusetts, it’s crazy.


      BRR: In conclusion, can you share with our readers where your music can be found and what is next for Below 7?


      ES: You can find our music on iTunes and all the MP3 sites, like Spotify. You can really get it anywhere.  We are gearing up for 2019, ready to hit the road and keep enjoying what we are doing, having a good time and pushing our music across the world and letting everyone know what we are about and what we are doing and just having a good time with everyone we meet and enjoying it.


      BRR: Absolutely, that’s what you have been playing for years for.


      ES: Exactly. As long as we are having fun, we’re good to go.  That is all that matters to us.


      BRR: Congratulations on this release and I will keep my eyes open for some tour dates because I would definitely love to see you guys live. I really like the CD, but I think seeing you guys live will be a completely different experience.


      ES: Our live show is our bread and butter. That’s where we really stand out. We pride ourselves on that and me being the drummer, that’s everything. Our live show gets crazy. We do a lot of fun stuff and that’s what we can’t wait for people to see.  I saw recently you interviewed Steven Adler?  He’s one of my idols.


      BRR:  Yes, and he is so nice and down to earth.  He wanted to give everybody a hug.  


      ES:  That is very good to know. I always wondered because I haven’t gotten to meet him yet. It’s good to hear that there are people out there that are like that.  Usually I don’t get nervous about interviews, but I was thinking, “She just did Adler, I better do this right.”


      BRR: No worries, I think I get just as nervous. I do a lot of local bands and up and coming bands though.  That is our focus on Boston Rock Radio, but I do enjoy covering some nationals occasionally too. I like to see bands from when they are starting out and see where they go.


      ES: Hopefully that will be us.


      BRR:  Make me proud! I hope to see you and meet you guys in person in 2019.


      ES: I had a blast talking to you.  Thank you for everything and it will happen.


      Jarrod Evans – Lead Vocals
      Eric Sheffield – Drums/Percussion
      Lance DeBord – Bass Guitar
      Scott Moore – Rhythm Guitar and Backing Vocals
      Todd Viers – Lead and Rhythm Guitar


      Ariana’s Album Review: http://bostonrockradio.com/forum3/articles.php?article_id=418


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