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Articles Home » Music Talk » QFT Interview with Linnéa Vikström By Mindy Stevenson
QFT Interview with Linnéa Vikström By Mindy Stevenson


Interview with Linnéa Vikström

By Mindy Stevenson, Journalist Boston Rock Radio


It took awhile to get the answers back from the band, therefore the delay.  But there is no time limit on good music!



Linnea Vikstrom - Lead vocals
Mano Lewys - Guitars
Jonathan Olsson - bass
Georg Harnsten Egg - Drums


The Big Bang, space travel, black holes, singularity, aliens, stars colliding and the inevitable end of the universe – the solo debut from the internationally praised metal singer Linnéa Vikström time travels from modern science to the eternal, philosophical questions regarding the beginning, the end and life beyond our own planet.

As the singer for the Swedish symphonic metal phenomenon Therion, Linnea Vikström already has a worldwide fanbase. But when she makes her solo debut as QFT (Quantum Field Theory) we get to meet a completely new side of the beloved singer. Live In Space is a dynamic and musically diversified theme album about the universe, where the ten tracks are beautifully bound together by Linnéa’s enormous vocal range and clear vision. The result is a detailed journey through space and time, that won’t leave anyone unaffected. Live In Space is an album where both the music and the lyrics offers you much to discover.

The plan to release a solo EP based on scientific articles and themes about the universe and quantum physics had been on Linnéa’s mind for quite a while. But when Ömer Akay from Despotz Records saw Linnéa Vikström perform at 70000 Tons of Metal – where she jammed with Erik Peterson and Alex Skolnick (Testament), Charlie Benante (Anthrax) and others – the project grew into a whole album. Along the way the scope was broadened to also include more philosophical reflection about how everything is connected. “My interest in quantum physics started when I stumbled upon a YouTube channel with some interesting clips. And from there it has evolved during the last 3-4 years,” says Vikström. --QFT bio


BRR: I am MJ Stevenson with Boston Rock Radio.  There are 7 questions below taking no more than 15-20 minutes. We appreciate any comments or stories you are willing to give.

This is your first solo album which must be very exciting. What challenges have you faced with the solo album and how have you overcome them?


LV: It is indeed very exciting! My biggest challenges are yet to be overcome, haha. The only thing I really know is how to sing and how to do music. Anything outside of that is totally new to me; like managing a band, making budgets, planning ahead etc. I have no clue about such things and being a person who is totally by nature unorganized it's a battle. I fight everyday in every venture of my life. I'm trying to get my shit together though and taking care of myself is the number one step in the right direction.


BRR: What are some of the differences between recording and performing with Therion versus QFT?


LV: Therion and QFT are very different in many ways, but the biggest difference I must say is that QFT uses no backing tracks or clicktracks while Therion do. Therion is more ”choreographed” if you will. My main mission with the QFT gigs is to make every show a new experience.


BRR: You worked with Lennart Östlund (also worked with ABBA, Led Zeppelin etc.) as your sound engineer on the new album. What was it like working with Lennart?


LV: Absolutely amazing. He's such a gentle and kind man and a brilliant studio engineer. He brings both calmness and playfulness to the studio. We had a lot of fun!


BRR: What response have you gotten so far on the released singles “Aliens” and “Big Bang”?


LV: We have gotten great responses, almost better than I expected. I'm really proud and happy about it!


BRR: Why did you choose “Aliens“ as your first single from “Live in Space”?


LV: I wanted to start it with a real space adventure before we leapt into the vastness of our real universe. Always good to start out with a good single that is fun!


BRR: Can you tell us a little about how you met Mano, Jonathan, and Georg?


LV: I met Georg when he played in the musical ”Rock of Ages” together with my dad. We hit it off and after awhile we started to hang out and realised we liked each other, a lot! Haha. (They are now engaged.) Georg introduced me to both Mano and Jonathan and here we are today!


BRR: Are there any plans for touring? Do you think you will you be coming to US in the future?


LV: We really want to get out on the road. It's all about timing and money however. If we find the right opportunity we'll be on the next flight over!


BRR: Nice! Thank you for your time.


LV: Thanks to you!


Happy Rockin'

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