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Articles Home » Music Reviews » The Webster in Hartford, CT with The Grey Curtain, Enemy Remains, In The Red, Soldiers of Solace, Weapons of Anew and Nonpoint
The Webster in Hartford, CT with The Grey Curtain, Enemy Remains, In The Red, Soldiers of Solace, Weapons of Anew and Nonpoint


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 Show Review by: Tammy Carbonetto, Music Journalist


The night opened with a heavy, yet quick set from The Grey Curtain, who hail from Worcester, MA. One can tell that the singer, Dennis Leighton, is very passionate and into the moment, so much so that he’s almost lost in the words, but delivers the emotions to the crowd. There was a point that a few of us wondered if the keyboardist, James Miller, would beat the whole thing down into the stage. Lights, camera, COMMITMENT! Would have loved to see what they did on the big stage! They blew apart the little Underground stage. http://thegreycurtain.com/index.jsp https://www.facebook.com/TheGreyCurtain/

Dennis Leighton - Vocals, Acoustic Bass, James Miller - Keyboards, Robert Miller - Bass, Sean Daudelin - Drums, Dan Whiteknact - Guitar


Swing over to the main stage where we saw Enemy Remains who thundered through their set with their latest album, “No Faith In Humanity”, also the title track as well as “Trust In No One” and others that just rocked the room. These guys have some pretty sweet creds:  Being the first local band to play the XL Center (20,000 capacity) in Hartford, CT.;  Tommy Blardo has his Digital Radio Station “Metal Fortress Radio”, now a known station worldwide by both National and Regional bands around the globe. Check out their sites below for more. These CT locals tore it up! They are in the running for Metal Act Of The Year for the 2017 New England Music awards. http://www.enemyremains.band/ https://www.facebook.com/EnemyRemainz/

Steve Zimmerman - Drums, Tommy Blardo "The Beast" - Guitars/Vocals, Frank Morin - Vocals, Jeff Curtis -Bass, Scott Kadish - Guitars


Next up it was recently signed locals, Soldiers of Solace, who are now on German label, Rock N Growl Records. This was my second time seeing them and even in nearly a year, they have grown together with their live performance! The first time seeing them I was taken back by the force and power of singer, Jason Longo from his stage presence to vocals. Second time? Still in awe, the only difference is this time I could sing along to the words of “Freedom’s Children” and “Cold as a Stone”! While he captivated the audience and had us rocking the horns and fists in the air, the rest of the band was equally committed, throwing it down! My favorite to watch aside from Longo is the drummer, Francesco Daniele, absolutely wild on that kit! http://www.soldiersofsolace.com/ https://www.facebook.com/soldiersofsolace/

Ron Therrien - Bass Guitar, Jeff Fahy - Lead Guitar, Jason Longo - Vocals, Francesco Daniele - Drums, Luis Cubille - Rhythm Guitar.


Our next local supporter is In The Red (and they make you tell them who they are at the end of the set!), vocalist, Cody Place enters the stage with a creepy mask, their mascot, subtly named “Mr. Creepy”. Just throw up your horns right now, because Cody is an ANIMAL on the stage! I broke a leg twice (in my mind) just watching him bounce around and tear up the stage. “Bad Apple” is melodic and heavy and Place will work the last heart string you have with his voice as it reaches down to the low growls and up the scale to his bewitching singing voice. Rizzo on guitar makes that beautiful thing sing. The whole band works together so well and gives it their all.. They are currently throwing out little snippets of new recordings on their Facebook page, check it! https://www.facebook.com/GetInTheRed/ http://www.intheredmusic.com/

Cody Place – Vocals, Peter Rizzo – Guitars, John Halligan – Drums, Arthur Pelletier – Bass


Weapons of Anew was the last supporter before Nonpoint, but are also touring with them currently, along with Alter Bridge. Vocalist Ray West is a powerhouse! You would not believe the highs and lows that come out of his voicebox. I’d love to go into some things I noticed about the rest of the band as I watched them, but West had my intention the entire time. Raw lyrics, keeping the crowd hyped, and the way he moved around the stage it was hard to focus on anything but him. A good thing nonetheless. The flows and hooks, whether it’s lyrics, drums, guitars, you’re there. They don’t need to beg your attention because you’ve already been enraptured. They recently released a video for “Killshot”, scope that here: https://www.facebook.com/weaponsofanew/  http://www.weaponsofanew.com/band

Ray West - Vocals, Freddy Ordine - Guitars, Chris Manfre - Drums, Stefan Reno Cutrupi - Bass


The Nonpoint crew takes the stage to set up and soundcheck, people are already starting to get that hyper anxious excited feeling. Some of us who are close to the stage can see them in the waiting area right before they come, people are now chanting! You can practically taste the Nonpoint love in the air. They hit the stage with an incredible and undeniable energy, and they had already played an acoustic gig earlier that night for some lucky fans! Nonpoint does not stop. You can not stop the energy, the crowd, the drums, none of it! Crowd pleasers such as “Mindtrip”, “Bullet With A Name”, and Phil Collins’ cover, “In The Air Tonight” were delivered with intensity. Frontman, Elias Soriano kills the lyrics, and with BC Kochmit and Rasheed Thomas hitting up the other vocal melodies it is just a force to be reckoned with. BC shreds that guitar with some sick solos too. The drummer, Robb Rivera is a tiger on the drums. Supporting their new music from their newest album, “The Poison Red”, a couple unforgettable songs are “El Diablo” and “My Last Dying Breath”. Absolutely killer on the drums! Adam Woloszyn might have the strongest neck in the game, his headbanging game is strong, equivocally related to his hard hitting bass skills. If you have not seen them live, make it a bucket list item. Nonpoint is 100% LIVE, 100% of the time and it is phenomenal. The love they show their fans is given back to them, and they are entirely the most genuine bunch of guys I have had the pleasure of meeting. Every person was moving in there and Nonpoint blew the roof off of The Webster, brought it back down for “Divided.. Conquer Them” and exploded it off again! For more Nonpoint (there is never enough), go to: https://www.facebook.com/nonpointworld/ For an amazing group of people who share the Nonpoint love and extra cool things, join their Facebook group, and thank me later: https://www.facebook.com/groups/361degreesallthingsnonpoint/  And of course, their main site: http://nonpoint.com/ 

Elias Soriano - Vocals, Robb Rivera - Drums, Rasheed Thomas - Guitar/Vocals, Adam Woloszyn - Bass, BC Kochmit - Lead Guitar/Vocals



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