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Fatherson Charm School Easy Life Records


Charm School

Easy Life Records

By Gabe Straight, Music Journalist

Boston Rock Radio

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To anyone who listens to pop radio, where every artist is nothing without a looped drum track, a plethora of samples, and a media circus of an outer personality, you’d think rock was dead. However, like any good restaurant, you gotta really look for it. Thus is the case for Scottish trio Fatherson, releasing their newest album The Sum Of Its Parts, out September 14. The band has released the lead up single to get the hype going. Going off the new single “Charm School” the band hits the ground running. This single is virtually essential for any new school rock heads looking for new stuff.


I can’t possibly keep talking about them mentioning the sound. Following in the footsteps of contemporaries like Arctic Monkeys and Kings of Leon, Fatherson takes their rock approach in a very purist direction; “Charm School” has the bluesy riffs of Zeppelin. The more I listened to the song, the more it grew on me. The riff is chill, but keeps my attention. The band doesn’t do anything rhythmically spectacular, but that makes the beat even tighter. The way the singer laments “I don’t have a punchline to hide behind” reveals his pure Scottish accent, but I just think that’s funny. The melodies grabbed my attention, and within a couple listens, I was hooked.


As for the concept of the song, I’m torn. As much as I love the message of trying your best to not hurt your friend’s feelings with things you’re saying, it’s a little too direct for my taste. Poetry in protest always accentuates the point. The lyrical direction in “Charm School” is very direct, and maybe the topic is one where being direct is more powerful. I just feel the band missed an opportunity to set themselves apart from 50 something dads in red states who sit at the chair watching Fox News raging “What’s it with these damn snowflakes being so offended?” In any event, Fatherson has come out with a great single, and if the rest of the album sounds this good, we’ll be hearing more from them. Maybe the Fox News dads will listen too.

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