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      Joe Settineri Interview

      Joe Settineri Interview

      By Nina McCarthy, Sr. Music Journalist

      Boston Rock Radio


      Originally from the mid-west, Los Angeles based singer songwriter Joe Settineri was a late bloomer.  After the music world wooed him away from a finance career, and years spent being one of a handful of go-to singers in Los Angeles, Settineri established himself as an exceptional singer-songwriter in 2009 with his widely praised first studio album, STAY (LML Records). His second full studio album, BEYOND YOUR CONTROL, was released 2014 and followed up by his most recent EP, BE THE ONE in 2017.  Joe’s newest singles are slated for release this summer and he gives BRR a little insight on them.--TAG Press Release


      BRR: When did you first realize you had a passion and forte for music?

      Music has always been a part of me … from 3 or 4 years old, I was all about music.  When I started to work with a voice teacher in high school, that was the first time someone told me I had something special.  Even with that though, it took me many, many more years (and a career in finance) to start believing in myself as a musician.  I’m way too self-conscious.  

      BRR: You are originally from the midwest.  What brought you to LA?

      I took detours thru Portland and San Francisco before I landed in LA.  I met my husband in SF and we moved to LA together.   That was also the time I decided to pursue music and performing full-time, so it was either NYC or LA.  Looks like LA won.  

      BRR: I’m sure there is an abundance of Singer-Songwriters in L.A.  What do you think made you stand out as exceptional?

      Ha!  Thank you, but I’m still trying to stand out (there’s that believing in myself thing again!).  This city is full of so many talented people, and the deeper I get into this I realize nothing happens until you’re comfortable with who you are as an artist, your sound, and your journey.  Meeting and working with amazing people like my producer Mike Krompass always helps too!  

      BRR: I understand that you left a career in Finance to pursue music?  What led you to this decision?

      I did.  I was just at a point where I knew I had to jump or be forever happy with music as a hobby.  It was hard because I actually liked being in the business world and was comfortable there, but music has always been this (annoying?) beacon pulling at me, so it was time to see what I could do.  Looking back, I’m glad I didn’t choose the safe route.  

      BRR: Can you elaborate on the meaning of “Hello Goodbye” for me?

      To me, this song is about that zone in between saying goodbye and actually moving on.  I call it the danger zone.  You’ve said ‘goodbye,’ but you can’t quite move on yet, and that’s when we are flooded with self-doubt.   Should I have said goodbye?  Did we breakup too soon?  Am I worthy of something better?  With that said, I hope everyone who hears “HELLO GOODBYE” finds their own meaning and story within it.  

      BRR: Why do you find love such an easy topic to write about?

      I’m a sappy believer in love.   I believe it’s what drives us and makes us who we are.  How we love and who we love matters, and to a point, defines us.  It’s just what flows out of me I guess and I try not to question or fight it.  

      BRR: Your newest singles, “HELLO GOODBYE,” "BATMAN CRIES," and "OXYGEN," are all collaborations with multi-platinum Nashville-based producer Mike Krompass (Smash Mouth, Nelly Furtado) and are slated for release this summer.  How did you connect with Mike and tell me about working with him?

      My managers connected me with Mike.  He and I hit it off from the start, and beyond us having the same warped sense of humor, he’s the first person who was able to take the sound I was describing and turn it into reality.  He was also just really nice, and I know it sounds naive, but that goes a long way with me.  His positive, light-hearted approach to making a record was so refreshing and created the perfect space for me to be successful.  

      BRR: What can we expect from you in the future?

      I’m headed back to Nashville to record some more with Mike and some other super writers.  I love it there, and the artistic vibe there is thrilling.  I’m really excited to see what we find there.  We also just finished filming the video for “BATMAN CRIES”, so get ready for that to hit in September!  


      Joe Settineri "Hello Goodbye" (Official Music Video)

      Press Release:

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