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Articles Home » Music Talk » Inner Circle Avenue Interview
Inner Circle Avenue Interview


Inner Circle Avenue

By Nina McCarthy, Senior Music Journalist

Boston Rock Radio


“Inner Circle Avenue is a 4-piece, high-energy rock band comprised of three siblings (two brothers and one sister), hailing from the small town of Blissfield, Michigan. With an additional friend brought in to complete the band, the overall sense of family, camaraderie and passion for rock and roll is truly unleashed through Inner Circle Avenue. From rock ballads to fast, heavy-hitting anthems and everything in-between, the band aims to bring music that listeners can truly connect with.” --Bio




BRR:  Hi Logan.  Are you allset for a little interview?


LA:  Oh definitely. I'm looking forward to it.  It’s just me today though because everyone else ended up being busy with school and whatnot.


BRR:  OK, not a problem. You'll just have to answer for everybody.  First of all, I must ask if you all are even old enough to drink? I think you, as the oldest, may be.


LA:  Yes, Stephen, our keyboardist, and I are old enough to drink. I'm 23, he’s 22 (23 now). My brother is 20 and my sister, Allison, she’s 18 (19 now since this interview).  So half of us can and half of us can’t.


BRR:  Like you mentioned, the band also consists of your brother, sister and a close friend.  What are the pros and cons with working with siblings?


LA:  I think the biggest pro is, we've been living with each other pretty much our whole lives and we pretty much know how everybody is already, you know, what makes each other tick and our strengths and weaknesses.  You just know each other better than anyone else in your life pretty much, so that really helps.  Like with songwriting and sounds, we all come from the same musical background and things like that, so it's really easy to just get in there and when we're playing together things just flow, like we really don't have to say things to each other. We can just kind of look at each other and we’re on the same page the whole time which is really awesome.


BRR:  It must give you that special chemistry onstage.


LA: It’s definitely the case. I think the con is, we're also still brothers and sisters so we fight like brothers and sisters too.  But I guess in a way that is still a pro because at the end of the day we can fight and we can still come together and make music and play together.  It has never been an issue.


BRR:  That’s good.  How did you all become interested in music and when did you decide to form a band?


LA:  I think the biggest thing was, none of us actually started out on the instrument that we play in Inner Circle Avenue.  We kind of came from a more classical background at first.  Each of us started playing in a symphonic band in like fifth grade at our school.  I started on trumpet and then Eric played trumpet as well before switching to baritone.  So we came from a classical symphonic background, and Stephen did too.  He learned piano, I think when he was probably around eight years old.  He kind of learned more classical stuff. We started branching out. I picked up the guitar first and I was like, “Okay, this is sweet. I'm really really liking this.”   I picked up guitar just a little after I started playing trumpet, so I was probably about ten back then and I was like, “I've got the guitar and I could play a few chords. I just need people to play with.” So I kind of played around with friends but nothing really serious came of it. Allison saw what I was doing with other people and she wanted to learn how to do that too, so she picked up the drums and we already had half a band there.  Eric was on baritone and said he might as well play the bass, so we pretty much had a band starting there.  We started really writing together I'd say probably in like 2015, maybe the end of 2014, and I think that was the transition point.  We really wanted to make a band and write our own music and take this as far as we absolutely could.  Then Stephen came along shortly after that and the rest is history.


BRR:  How did you decide on the genre you were going to play?  Did it just seemed to come naturally?


LA:  Yeah I think so.  I think all of us kind of come from that kind of background in music.  We all listen to bands like Paramore, Panic At The Disco, Fall Out Boy, and Green Day so it was pretty easy to get into that style.  We just love the really fast pace, fast driven guitars, because we’re all kind of hyper I guess, especially on stage, so we kind of picked the music that fit right in with that.  It worked out pretty well so far.


BRR:  What is the scene like in your area?


LA:  We actually live in Blissfield, Michigan which is a tiny town of like 4000 people and nobody really knows where it's actually at, so we tell people Toledo, Ohio, which is where we used to play when we were first starting out.  There's not really a music scene in our small town.


BRR:  Do you find it challenging getting into clubs with everyone not being 21?


LA:  We never really had an issue with it.  I think because the idea was we were a paid service for hire.  We weren’t patrons. That was the excuse that we said to people to try and convince them and we never really had an issue with it.  We have never abused that at all so we're just thankful that we are able to get into different clubs and play for many different people as we can.


BRR:  You've released the official music video off your debut album (Greeting From The Inner Circle) for the song “Goin’ Nowhere Fast.”  Can you give me a little insight into this song?


LA:  This was actually the first song that we had ever written together.  I pretty much wrote it in my bedroom and I brought it to the rest of the band.  At the time Steven actually was not with us. We had two other members before but that they ended up leaving for academic reasons.  I guess we pretty much just put it together and we started performing it before we ever thought about recording it to see what people thought because we really had no experience with music.  We didn't know how people would react so we thought we’d kind of test the waters a little bit before we really went and delved into being an original band.  I think the response was positive and we had the support of a lot of friends with it so we just kind of went from there and we ended up recording it. We made a few little tweaks but pretty much kept the song just about exactly how we had at the very beginning and that was kind of the springboard for everything else.  Once we heard that song for the first time in the studio, it was like, “Wow, it's surreal.  This is what we want to do for the rest of our lives.” I think it was the first big ‘Aha’ moment together as a band.


BRR:  And it seemed to end up being a fan favorite too, right?


LA:  Yeah, that's probably one of our top songs off of the EP so we figured out that we might as well put a music video out there.  We definitely wanted experience with that.  We released a little lyric video before for one of our other songs.  It wasn't too bad but we really want to show people who we are and put a face with the name.  I think that develops a more intimate connection with your audience and it makes it all the more enjoyable for everyone.


BRR:  Tell me about your upcoming full length album.


LA:  It’s a 12 song album.  We don't have an official release date yet but we are anticipating having that single with the music video out within the next few months geared around like May or something like that. So we're taking that to 37 Studios, near Detroit, and we'll be working with producers over there so we're just really excited for what becomes of that.  It’s definitely different from our first EP, but we have a lot more experience with that this time, so we’re excited to see what people think of it.


BRR:  Why should your fans and potential new fans be excited for this new album?


LA:  Well this is the first EP we will be releasing with Stephen so we really were experimenting a lot more with keyboards because we didn't really have access to that before.  I think that is kind of reflected in our songs throughout this album, a little bit more pop side of things but we stay true to our punk crew. So it's kind of Inner Circle Avenue with a new twist on it. We're hoping to attract some attention from different labels and things like that too, potentially.  Honestly we want to take this as far as we can.  


BRR:  You already have a great publicity team already.  That’s a good start.


LQ:  Thank you. We're excited to be working with TAG Publicity and we're working with another promotions team called Two Side Moon Promotions over in the UK and we're actually really excited for that.  We are getting prepared for doing some big campaigns with the new album once things get moving with that.


BRR:    Have you done any touring?


LA:  We’ve done a little bit.  We've kind of branched out a little bit more in our area, to places like Cleveland, over around Cincinnati, and we've made a trip out to Indiana but we haven't really gotten much further than that.  That is something that we're definitely going to change with this new album.  I think once it's out we're really pushing to do our first extended tour across the US.  We've got a lot of big plans in the works that we have to get all scheduled and work everything out.


BRR:  I think in the early stages these days, with music being so readily available online, that touring and selling the album and merchandises yourself is really the best way to get known.


LA:  Exactly. I definitely think so.  Having that kind of personal connection in person with people is really great and I think that helps.  Bands push their music more by meeting the people who want to listen and really connecting with those people, so that is our biggest goal at this point.


BRR:  What other future goals or plans do you have as a band?


LA:  Like I said, we want to take this as far as we can, so if we can get under a label or something and just keep going from there.  I’ve got a degree in electrical engineering too, so that’s the backup plan.  Once we release this album, we want to do as much touring and playing as we can, in different places as we can.  We’ll probably spend the whole year just touring as much as we can to really get the music out there.  Right now we're kind of in a pattern of every two years for releasing something new and I think we want change that up a little bit too.  To not wait so long once we get the album out.  Maybe we’ll release singles a little bit sooner in 2019.  We try to plan as far ahead as we can, but it’s the music industry so things change all the time,  I think that’s what keeps it exciting though.  


BRR:  You are all still young and obviously this business isn't easy.  Do you think you are prepared to push through the good and bad, and remain determined to be successful?


LA:  Yes, I think so.  I think we all understand that there can be setbacks with anything that you do in life.  I think the important thing is not to let those setbacks hang you up or stop you or put a roadblock in your way and just learning from the mistakes that you make and keep pushing forward.  Deep down I'm a musician before anything else and that's where I want to go with my life.  I think we are all on the same page as far as that goes, even though we may not be quite making a living on it just yet.  We’re investing more money than we're making and sometimes you don’t make it all back, but I think we got that youthful ambition that keeps us driving forward.  Right now, the momentum seems to be picking up and the work seems to be paying off and we're just going to keep cruising.


BRR:  That's a great attitude because it's hard out there and the musicians that I know that are successful may have been turned down by many, many labels and different things but it's the ones that keep pushing forward no matter what that eventually make it.  Well that's all pretty much all the questions I have. Do you have any further comments or anything else you'd like to add or say to your fans?


LA:  I would just say watch out for Inner Circle Avenue this year.  I think 2018 is going to be a really big year for us and we're definitely really excited. I just want to say thanks for having me on.   It’s definitely exciting to be a part of Boston Rock Radio.


BRR:  I appreciate your time and I am definitely looking forward to the album and to what you guys and gal have to offer in the future.  I'll definitely be watching and following Inner Circle Avenue.


LA:  Thank you so much. We appreciate it.


BRR:  It's been nice talking to you and hopefully I'll see you guys on tour in my area.


“Goin’ Nowhere Fast” Video:


Check out Gabe’s Review here:

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