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Articles Home » Music Reviews » Secret Sphere "Lifeblood' Album Review By JD Rich
Secret Sphere "Lifeblood' Album Review By JD Rich

Secret Sphere


Frontiers Music s.r.l.

March 22, 2021

Album Review By JD Rich

Boston Rock Radio



Ciao! La porta è di zuppa! (Translation: “Hi! The door is made of soup!” What can I say? I learned a few sayings in Italian by watching old episodes of Space Ghost Coast to Coast back in the day.) You may be asking yourself what the hell soup-doors and Space Ghost has to do with a music review. Well, Italy is where we’re headed for this album review, so grab a cappuccino and prepare to have your hair blown back by the sheer force that is power Metal band Secret Sphere. I’m about to spill a few secrets of this quintet’s 10th studio album, Lifeblood.

Although Secret Sphere may be new to U.S. ears, they’ve been on the European metal scene for almost 25 years, and it’s about damn time they get some love from rockers on this continent. Take a hefty amount of Thrash, smoosh with some Prog Metal, toss in a heapin’ helpin’ of hardcore melodies with near-lethal doses of vicious guitar riffs, and now you’ve got a glimpse into what Lifeblood is about.​

The EP starts off with a little bit of sly deception. “Shaping Reality” lures us in with an instrumental introduction that struck me as an extended music bed for a fantasy/drama/action movie trailer. I was halfway expecting Dan LaFontaine to start in with his trademark “in a world” voice-over, but he’s dead, and I was too wrapped up in the music anyway. A story unfolded wordlessly in my mind, and I was mesmerized. From there, it was full-speed all systems go. Lifeblood is jammed with frantic guitar solos, relentless double-bass drum action, and golden anthem-worthy lyrics. Don’t expect any deep gravelly bellowing with foreboding messages. That’s not how Secret Sphere rolls (so to speak). Catchy hooks and memorable choruses (chorusses? Chori?) will get anyone singing along in no time. I, however, have the singing talents of a songbird drowning in hot tar. I just hummed along.

Just when I thought Lifeblood wouldn’t let up until I was in a gloppy puddle of goo, along comes “Skyward”, a beautiful ballad duet. There seems to be an unspoken requirement that all rock albums contain at least one sappy slow(ish) song, but here it is more a labor of love than just a song thrown in to appease the label masters. As hardcore as the rest of the EP is, this song is equally sincere. And it is breathtaking.​

There is an epic saga being told through the music on Lifeblood, and the audio theatrics are orchestrated in such a way that cannot be faked. My mind’s eye (or ear in this case) was filled with seemingly tangible sounds- as if I could reach out and touch what was emanating from my speakers. I could feel the density of each song. I sensed the warm viscosity wrapping me in a blanket of full sound. In a way, it felt as if the music was reaching out to me as well.​

Secret Sphere didn’t just scribble notes on cocktail napkins, then schlep into a studio to get it done and out. Every ounce of talent, energy, and essence of each band member was strategically implemented, resulting in a delightful frenzy of audio adrenaline. I got the distinct notion this was a big-budget production of cinematic proportions. Secret Sphere isn’t a fledgling band of wanna-be rockstars. They have devoted years and tears to their music, and have earned the respect of all music lovers who are as dedicated to the Rock format as Secret Sphere is. Slake the thirst for symphonic Metal on March 22nd when Lifeblood flows.




Roberto Messina - Voice

Aldo Lonobile - Guitars

Andrea Buratto - Bass

Gabriele Ciaccia - Keyboards

Marco Lazzarini – Drums




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