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Articles Home » Music Reviews » Daemon Grey 'Follow Your Nightmares' (EXPLICIT) Album Review By Nina McCarthy
Daemon Grey 'Follow Your Nightmares' (EXPLICIT) Album Review By Nina McCarthy

Daemon Grey

Follow Your Nightmares (EXPLICIT)

Out of Line Music

January 22, 2021

Album Review By Nina McCarthy

Boston Rock Radio



Sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll (or “wine, women and song” in some countries) - the holy trinity of hedonism that was so prevalent in the 70’s and 80’s is back, but it’s more than the typical hair metal that accompanied that time period. Let me introduce you to Daemon Grey, a heavy rock band from Toronto, Canada. Frontman, heavy/death metal and horror fanatic Daemon Grey, formed the band in 2020 after releasing three singles as a solo act. The band has since come together and released their debut album, Follow Your Nightmares on January 22, 2021 via Out of Line Music. This album is extremely explicit and not for the virgin ears; but if you’re over 18, you are allowed into this party. Don’t be afraid...let me hold the door for you...

Daemon draws influences from grunge, hardcore, 60’s and 70’s pop, southern rock and classical rock so everyone will be drawn in despite your genre of choice. The self proclaimed “Kings of Sin” give us one hell of an album that had me addicted from the first single I heard, “Isolated” which you can hear on rotation on Boston Rock Radio. This ominous single is the most subdued song on the album, but don’t sober up yet. This party is just getting started. Check out the video for yourself on YouTube and agree with me that this track should definitely be the theme song for 2020.

Daemon Grey’s biography says that their music “symbolizes the cathartic healing power of heavy music to liberate our carnal desires and untamed souls, while enjoying every moment, thus ‘following our nightmares’ by facing and transcending fear itself.” Basically what is being told to us, is to soak yourself in your inhibitions and enable the music to let you transcend your fears and let go. Only then can true strength be attained, we gather throughout Follow Your Nightmares. That’s where the “sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll” come in. So, grab a drink, take a toke, grab your girl, or whatever your poison is and lose yourself in tracks like “XXX,” “Stoned and Alone” and “Whiskey Devil Girl.” I’m not advocating drinking or drug use (Don’t shoot the messenger!), but that can be metaphoric for doing whatever you have to do to be strong and face whatever your nightmares or insecurities may be. It’s all about not worrying about everything, be different, and don’t give a fuck. “We need to break down those walls of insecurity with courage and strength,” states Grey. We all need that release at some point in our lives!

For you horror fans that may want a taste of blood and gore, sink your teeth into songs such as the Manson-like "I Like the Taste of Blood" and “I Don't Want to Grow Up” as they are the perfect soundtrack for vampire movies. Picture The Lost Boys or your favorite vampire movie and insert said songs. It sounds dark, but the guitar riffs of Greg Shier, drum beats of Joey Muha, and rhytmic bass of Ryan Miller, keep your heart pumping. It’s not surprising that the band worked alongside Grammy-nominated producer Gavin Brown (Three Days Grace), Mike Riley (Marilyn Manson), and Kevin Thrasher (Escape The Fate).”  A purely fantastic debut album from writing to production. Their challenge in the future will surely be to top Follow Your Nightmares. It’s only January and this album is already on my list of Top 10 Best Releases of 2021. I suggest you add it to your dark and heavy playlist now. 

For those of you rockers who can’t sit still, “King of Sin” or “Whiskey Devil Girl” may be the songs for you, with their hint of industriality that reminds me of Orgy.  A little known fact, “King of Sin” actually started out as a slow piano ballad and ended up being a heavy rock track with completely new melodies and lyrics. Every track had something that mesmerized me. I can’t love this album enough. It’s been on repeat all day and I still want more. When our borders open up again, I hope to see these Canadians on U.S. soil. In conclusion, as Grey himself states, “‘King of Sin’ is all about entering the scene with a blasphemous band, unifying music fans in celebration of our primal, sinful desires. Fuck the status quo and let the good times roll.”  Stream/purchase Follow Your Nightmares here:‚Äč

Rock on my friends…Sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll coming to speakers near you!


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