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Articles Home » Music Reviews » Time To Go Away, 2020! A Year-End Op-ed By JD Rich
Time To Go Away, 2020! A Year-End Op-ed By JD Rich

Time To Go Away, 2020!

A Year-End Op-ed By JD Rich

Boston Rock Radio


Around this time last year, I had such high hopes for 2020. Just look at the numerical line-up: symmetrical, even, and plump. Like many others, I had a great feeling as we stood on the precipice of 2020. My husband just set off on their debut U.S. tour with his band, Jump The Fall. Everything was looking clear and shiny. And then...2020 actually happened. So much for female intuition. Like a screeching pterodactyl, the year swooped in and promptly pooped all over everything. I saw my child-like optimism get buried under the biggest turd of all turds.​

The Virus That Shall Not Be Named looked at the common flu and said, “Hey, hold my beer wouldya?’ The Grim Reaper, regardless of cause, decided that planet earth had way too many talented good people, and proceeded to take hundreds of thousands of them back to his place for a huge afterlife party. Well, at least they got to attend one hell of a music festival- and sadly, there were so many performers on the bill. Country fans said goodbye to Kenny Rogers, Charlie Pride, and Doug Supernaw. Country music not your thing? That’s ok. Ole’ Reaperface took plenty of rock legends for the main stage show... Little Richard, Peter Green, Bob Kulick, and the two icons that really hurt the most: Neil Peart and, holy shit, Eddie Fucking VanHalen! Yet Gary Glitter and R. Kelly are still oozing around on this big blue marble. I could be here for the next few days mentioning everyone who shuffled off this mortal coil in the past 12 months, but we don’t need to reopen all the wounds. Plus, this is a music website, so I’ll limit it to that for the sake of brevity.​

With all that’s been lost, (lives, jobs, homes, and in my case, sanity) you may be asking if anything positive came out of 2020. Well, yes actually, and although it doesn’t seem like a huge counterbalance to all gut punches of the past year, there was one thing that kept me going (outside of family). I’m talking about all the wonderful new music I got to listen to and review for Boston Rock Radio. The perseverance of every musician who passed through my speakers inspired me to keep the momentum of music going. Knowing the world was on an indefinite hiatus, these artists continued to move forward in any way they could. That determination in turn gave me strength. It was a welcome break from being bombarded by worsening headlines, dreary news reports, toxic tweets, and nationwide discord all wrapped up snugly in a blanket of fear that covered everyone in every corner of the world. It was the music that lifted me above it all. I was able to catch a breath, write, and (hopefully) provide some form of entertainment.​

Of course, there wouldn’t have been reviews to write if it weren’t for YOU, the music fans. There wouldn’t be Boston Rock Radio if it wasn’t for YOU. Yes, YOU make a difference. YOU matter. Everybody’s been (understandably) tied up in their own barbed-wire horrors, and I just thought YOU should know that YOU are appreciated.​

With all that, I still look forward to 2021. There has to be a silver lining. You’d think I would have learned from the last time and my annoying optimism, but no. I still have it. I’m just a little more cautious about blaring it to the masses. So now, dear Bangers, let us all simultaneously raise a one-finger salute to this “shit-spackled muppet fart” of a year (thank you Ryan Reynolds), and bid 2020 adiós, addio, tchau, au revoir, and sayōnara. Or, a simple “fuck off 2020” works for me. Here’s hoping 2021 brings us back into the light with endless joy and good fortunes. Peace to you all. If you need me, I’m just a click away.​

Your imaginary friend,​ 



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