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Articles Home » Music Talk » Crypts, Spells and Witches - Interview with Guitarist & Bassist Sonia Anubis By Thomas Amoriello Jr.
Crypts, Spells and Witches - Interview with Guitarist & Bassist Sonia Anubis By Thomas Amoriello Jr.

Crypts, Spells and Witches

Interview with Guitarist & Bassist Sonia Anubis

By Thomas Amoriello Jr.

Boston Rock Radio

Photo by  Ankie van Kasteren


Sonia Nusselder aka Sonia Anubis first caught the attention of the metal community when landing the guitar slot in the Swiss metal band Burning Witches as a 19 year old.  Festival appearances at Wacken and Sweden Rock along with recordings on the Nuclear Blast label with the Witches laid the groundwork for the projects that Anubis is currently a part of creatively speaking following her departure from the quintet.  The roles of guitarist, bassist and songwriter along with guitar hero in waiting are instrumental in the career ambitions of Ms. Anubis.  The Netherlands is home base and Cobra Spell and Crypta are now the main focus.  Boston Rock Radio would like to thank Sonia Anubis for this exclusive interview.


Your progress and development as a guitarist is well documented on your social media channels.  Do you ever go back every so often to view some old footage and reminisce (or cringe)? Musical self-awareness leads to progress which I am sure you monitor in the milestone area.  

Very interesting question! And true, I have looked back to some of my older videos before, and yes, it can be quite a "cringe" experience for me (mainly because we all suck at the beginning, or are super unaware of how we act/look behind the camera, haha!). I definitely do NOT regret any video that I have made, because I can see the progress there has been in a certain amount of time — and this motivates me to keep on working harder to reach my personal goals. Aside from that, everything that I have ever done has come from a place of passion, time and motivation to become a better version of myself at the time the video was recorded. Recording myself has helped me a lot to be more aware of my level of playing and I have been able to become sharper with my musical ear, ever than I was before either.


Cobra Spell "Poison Bite" on YouTube


You are a few of many genres of metal ranging from hair metal and shred metal to death metal and everything in between?  I think it is great that you are open to what each genre has to offer and from a musicians point of view there are many advantages to that?

Absolutely, my passion lays in MUSIC overall — not just one genre or subgenre of it. I feel like we can take inspiration from everything what we see, hear, smell, feel… And so it is in music, no genre excluded. Back when I first got into the extreme side of music, I became obsessed with it and wanted to listen to every single album that I found/discovered as much as I could. Some albums were easier to digest than others, and the ones that were harder to digest became my biggest focus at the time, I would put those more on repeat because complexity was fascinating to me. My focus has been changing over time, and right now my biggest fascination is melody and phrasing.


Your time with the Burning Witches came to an end and as you have stated in the press that it was a great learning experience.  What do you feel were the two most important things that you learned from that experience?

1. Playing lots of live shows with this band gave me the opportunity to discover my way of performing/expressing myself as guitarist on-stage.

2. The importance of having a steady image/thought-out concept with the band. (As long as it does not go too far/personal…)


Burning Witches - “Dance with the Devil" on YouTube


What do you hope to learn from now playing with Crypta and Cobra Spell?

There are no certain thought out plans of stuff that I am wantng to learn music-wise other than discovering my sound, becoming a better guitarist and song-writer, even though there is a lot I would like to know more about the formal music business related stuff. What goes on to push a band further professionally with “tools" such as labels, promotors, management, etc. and the influence it has on a band/artist. There are a lot of goals that I would like to reach with both of these bands, though. Since I have more say in both bands compared to my past bands, I am excited to learn how it is to have so much freedom of creativity and decision making in the band.


Do you have any favorite music documentaries that you have viewed on Netflix or Youtube?

I have recently seen the first season of a series about Selena’s life. It was incredibly inspiring and somehow I could relate a lot to her even though we both have extremely different careers. 


Thank you Sonia,  please tell your American fans what we can expect from you in 2021?

Thank you so much for having me on your interview and for all the readers for your attention!  I expect a lot of new music to come out in the upcoming year by both my bands CRYPTA and COBRA SPELL, 2 full-lengths without a doubt. Also I am getting amazing new opportunities — which I cannot wait to share with the world. Aside from that, I am hoping that Covid-19 will pass soon so that we can get over to the next chapter, hoping that bands are able to play live again. If this is the case, expect A LOT of touring with my bands too!


Boston Rock Radio Journalist Thomas Amoriello Jr. is a heavy metal guitarist, children's picture book author, educator and recording artist who resides in Lambertville, New Jersey, USA. You can learn more about Tom at

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