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Articles Home » Music Reviews » American Dream Machine 'Deadhearts' Album Review By JD Rich
American Dream Machine 'Deadhearts' Album Review By JD Rich

American Dream Machine


Independent Release

December 18, 2020

Album Review By JD Rich

Boston Rock Radio



Welcome back to your (relatively) reliable source for sneak peeks into new music primed to infect your ear-holes. As of this writing, it’s the day after Christmas (a.k.a. Boxing Day to some). Here at my home base in Florida, frozen iguanas are falling out of trees, and American Dream Machine’s debut EP Deadhearts is falling out of my speakers. American Dream Machine is the route I’m going, thanks for asking. (Note: For all animal lovers out there, the iguanas are usually fine once they thaw out). As for music lovers, let’s get on with the anticipated review.


When it comes to debut albums, I try to relax expectations normally reserved for bands that have been around for at least a few releases. I understand it costs obscene amounts of money, time, and experience to navigate the intricacies of the professional recording process. Sometimes, it takes a few years to build up funds to get the hang of it.​  Upon listening to Deadhearts, I was astonished at the expert level of professionalism presented by American Dream Machine. If I didn’t read it for myself, there’s no way I would’ve pegged this EP as their first. Production values are flawless, and the essence of the music is strategically arranged to smoothly roll forward without any perceived weak links.


This Virginia-based quartet locked onto the pulse of modern Rock and had fun bending the format to their will, making it their bitch in the most delightful way. American Dream Machine hit all the contemporary Rock characteristics without sounding like a wannabe (insert the name of any current Rock band/artist here), and they stayed true to that mission. This led me to internally scream, “Why aren’t these guys a household name?!” (Physically screaming this probably would have raised doubts about my mental stability.) Then I remembered that Deadhearts was released just last week, and overnight success can take anywhere from six months to a year, if at all.​


Shawn Adams has a youthful exuberance in his vocals that grapple with material usually attempted by singers who have invested years upon years of compiling life experiences. Adams does this not with bitterness or regret, but rather as a way to keep moving. Guitarist Mitch Loguglio skillfully remains faithful to riffs and expert styles familiar to Rock fans while injecting a fresh twist in delivery. Scott Murphy is audibly accessible on bass, which strengthens the personality of Deadhearts. He took his own space to create another audio layer that adds a sleek quality. Drummer Evan Milowic is a percussion juggernaut that constantly and consistently advances each track, yet caution is taken to not bulldoze over everyone else.​


Yep, it’s been a rough year for everyone, to put it mildly. I have a feeling American Dream Machine can attest to that, given the many obstacles thrown in their way. They dug in even deeper and refused to surrender. If there is any justice for this band resulting from 2020’s brutality, I’m rooting for them to reap a big payoff with Deadhearts. When the world officially opens up and live shows resume, remember the name American Dream Machine. Until then, give Deadhearts a chance to liven up your playlist.



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