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Articles Home » Music Reviews » Unruly Child 'Our Glass House' Album Review By JD Rich
Unruly Child 'Our Glass House' Album Review By JD Rich

Unruly Child

Our Glass House

Frontiers Music s.r.l.

December 4, 2020

Album Review By JD Rich

Boston Rock Radio



To say 2020 has been unruly would be like saying the sun is kind of warm. I can’t think of a better way to herald the end of this year than with hot new music from veteran rockers Unruly Child. December 4th marked the day their 9th studio album was birthed unto the world, giving us more optimism for the new year.​


There are no throwing stones at Our Glass House. This EP is a safe-haven with a retro feel. Unruly Child takes us back to the simpler days of our youth with original material influenced by the spirit of the best 80’s rock had to offer. As with any band that's been around for roughly 30 years, they have had their fair (or unfair) share of obstacles, breakups, and breakdowns. They kept pushing forward, pouring their experiences into their music, as most bands tend to do. What sets Unruly Child apart is their knack for delivering their story with empowering melodies and contemplative hindsight. If you know anything about the history of the band, then you’ll no doubt understand the deeper meanings of the real-world poetic lyrics. Stories with numerous inferences abound, without hampering individual interpretations. The imagination is encouraged to wander, accompanied by easy-going backing music. Harmonies bring an additional dimension to multiple layers, minus ear-fatigue. Think of Our Glass House as an audio Swiss Army Knife instead of a relentless Gatling gun. In other words, a great EP to have on to keep you company while doing other stuff (say, like cleaning a hobby room.) Sometimes you just need a little encouragement to keep going, and Unruly Child provides a soundtrack for whatever it is you have going on.​


If you’re a fan of power ballads, there are a few fantastic tracks to try out. Nothing mewling or whiney. Anyone who cherishes a well-composed power ballad has some outstanding tracks to check out on Our Glass House: “Catch Up To Yesterday," “To Be Your Everything” (That one gave me goosebumps. Not an easy task.), and “Let’s Talk About Love," all of which belong on a list of hot power ballads, right along with Mr. Big’s “To Be With You," Guns N’ Roses “Patience,” and Motley Crue's “Without You” just to name a few.​


If slower isn’t quite your groove, Unruly Child has your back with some faster-paced tunes. Our Glass House kicks off (and kicks ass) with “Poison Ivy.” From there, just let it roll. “Say What You Want” serves as an unapologetic dissertation to whiney posers. Note: For those of you trying to protect younglings from adult words, this track contains some colorful language. “Wooden Monster” is another upbeat cut that perks you up. The list goes on. I could break down each of the 14 tracks on Our Glass House, but I would like to wrap this review up by Valentine’s Day. Besides, it wouldn’t be any fun for you if I spoiled everything.


The good news is Our Glass House has been on the market since the beginning of December, no waiting necessary. Just don’t forget the old saying, “people who live in Our Glass House have a better view. And lots of glass cleaner." OK, so maybe I just made that up, but you get the point. I hope.


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