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Articles Home » Music Talk » Japanese Grunge - Say What? Interview With Draw Into Disorder By Nina McCarthy
Japanese Grunge - Say What? Interview With Draw Into Disorder By Nina McCarthy

Japanese Grunge - Say What?

Interview With Draw Into Disorder

By Nina McCarthy

Boston Rock Radio



Hideyuki Shimizu – Vocals, Guitar

Hiroshi Maeda – Bass

Hideki Tosha – Drums



DRAW INTO DISORDER​ was formed in 2006 in the rural city of Wakayama, Japan. They are heavily influenced by the greatest artists from the '90s grunge scene, including Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Alice In Chains, and Soundgarden. DRAW INTO DISORDER's sound also takes inspiration from neo grunge styles of bands, such as Puddle Of Mudd, Candlebox, Spin Doctors, and Nickelback. These Japanese innovators have invented a style of their own, which they've dubbed as "heavy grunge." Partnering with Pavement Entertainment, DRAW INTO DISORDER​ bring you their latest EP, entitled NAPPY,  which was released everywhere October 23, 2020. Thank you to Hideyuki for taking the time to talk to Boston Rock Radio and discuss the band, the music, and their dream come true!




I am always curious about the rock/metal scene in other countries. What is it like in the rural city of Wakayama Japan?

Wakayama's rock music scene is not that good. I know some good bands and players in Wakayama, but most rock fans in Wakayama are not interested in local rock bands. They're interested in famous artists only. I hope they get more interested in the local rock scene. I hope that Wakayama's rock music scene will get better than now because I love this city and I've been in Wakayama since I was born.


You guys are young, so I was surprised to read your grunge inspired influences. Can you tell our readers who they are and how you were introduced to them?

Do we look young? We are not as young as you think, but thanks.​ The artists who influenced me are those I grew up listening to the 80's, 90’s, and 00’s.​ Back then, I was into American rock music, and I hated Japanese bands. I dug and found many loud and cool bands, for example, Nirvana, Soundgarden, Rage Against the Machine, and more.


Your music is dubbed as “heavy grunge.” That’s a new genre title to me. Can you explain this further? 

Well, I think the biggest influence on our music is obviously grunge, but we are also influenced by a lot of loud rock like RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE. Let me put it this way, “NIRVANA meets RAGE” is the sound we are trying to make. ​Quite simply, I wanted to mix a loud guitar sound and nice “grungy” voice together. ​That’s how I came up with the term “heavy grunge.”


Let’s talk about your latest album, Nappy, that will be released Oct. 23rd via Pavement Entertainment.​ Looking back to the beginning, how do you feel you’ve grown as a band with this latest album?

I'm not sure we've grown, but we did our best in making NAPPY, as we always have. ​We are proud of this record.​ One of my dreams was to release our album with a rock label in US, so we are so happy that our dream came true.​ We can’t wait to see how people, who have never listened to our music, react to our music.​



With song titles such as “Nowhere to Belong,” “Calm Down,'' and “Puke” can you discuss the themes you cover in Nappy?

Most lyrics and titles of our songs have no meanings at all. I don’t think lyrics are too important in our music. I think everyone can enjoy the loudness of music and get drunk without knowing what the song is all about.​ For example, the song “puke” is just a song about getting hangover, but I’m not expecting people to have sympathy for me or anything.​ On the other hand, I wrote Nappy when my first son was born earlier this year and it means a lot to me.​


“Contagion” Official Music Video


After listening to the music and seeing your photos on social media, I can tell that the live show must be very energetic. How would you describe it?

We enjoy every show, drink beer, get up on stage, and give everything we’ve got.​ We are not trying to be polite on stage so we’ve had many mechanical troubles before. If all six strings are on my guitar at the end of the show, it’s a miracle!!!​




I don’t think grunge is dead. The influence is still seen constantly, (especially in this year’s fashion), and coming back stronger in music. From a band standpoint, how would you respond to someone saying “Grunge is Dead?”

It’s true that there aren’t as many grunge bands as there were before, but there are a lot of bands, including us, that are influenced by grunge rock.​ So, I’d say Grunge is not dead.​ Like you mentioned, grunge is definitely coming back strong. I hope it gets bigger and stronger.​


Thank you for taking the time to answer some questions for Boston Rock Radio. I’m excited to introduce you to our readers. I personally love the new album, Nappy, so congratulations on that release.​ I hope with Pavement, when Covid is under control, we will see you on tour in the USA.​

I hope NAPPY will reach as many people as possible. I'm looking forward to seeing America's rock fans after this Covid is over. We'll show you what Japanese grunge rock is all about. Thank you very much!


Read JD Rich’s full review of the album for BRR HERE.


Official Website



Nina McCarthy joined the Boston Rock Radio staff in December of 2015. Nina has freelanced for over 25 years, interviewing bands for various webzines. Nina currently focuses full time as the Senior Music Journalist and Digital Content Editor for BRR. You can contact Nina at for interviews, reviews, comments, or suggestions.

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