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Articles Home » Music Talk » Interview with Dean Guitar Endorsee Guitarist Scott McClellan By Thomas Amoriello Jr
Interview with Dean Guitar Endorsee Guitarist Scott McClellan By Thomas Amoriello Jr

Razorback Man

Interview with Dean Guitar Endorsee Guitarist Scott McClellan

By Thomas Amoriello Jr

Boston Rock Radio



Boston Rock Radio recently caught up with guitarist, producer, songwriter, and bassist Scott McClellan for the latest news on his career.  As stated from the Dean Guitars website, "Scott McClellan has been a key player in many successful bands and writing projects including: Cemetery Gatez - ‘America's Number One Pantera Tribute Band’ (and currently Domination -’ America's Number One Pantera Tribute Band’), along with Devil Land, Army of Souls, Brotherhood of Spine, Brain Chiggers, Outlind, his solo project Dreamography, and more. Scott has also had the honor of working with frontman Tony Martin, formerly of Black Sabbath on his solo album which is an up and coming release.  Scott has co-written music with several legendary musicians including: Tony Martin of Black Sabbath, David Shankle of Manowar, Devil Land & DSG, Shawn Jaxx of Skin Kandy, Army of Souls, Rick Henderson & Nate Arrington with Brotherhood of Spine, Paul Anthony of Brainchiggers, Systemec, David Fefolt with Angels of Babylon, London Legrand with Brides of Destruction and many more.  Scott has been playing since the age of 9 and continued to define his playing in many different styles of hard rock and metal."



Please tell Boston Rock Radio about Brutal Intentions that came out earlier this year?  How long did it take to complete and who were the players involved?

It took several years of writing between projects and some recent recordings to complete it, this was all done by myself alone with all instruments and currently finishing up my 2nd solo Album.


Scott McClellan-No Will to Die


The Never End

You have also co-written music with several other musicians including David Shankle (Manowar, Devil Land, DSG), Shawn Jaxx (Skin Kandy, Army Of Souls), David Fefolt (Angels Of Babylon), London Legrand (Brides Of Destruction), and many more.  Were these players ones who you have admired and shared your work with and/or brought in as special guests?

There was an album written with me and a partner Waylon Ford with several artist involved that you named above, this was the Army of Souls Project, it was a mix of different guests and it turned out okay. The production could have been better, but it was great to work with the artists, to network and get to know some interesting players, and it helped me gauge who to work with and not to. To add, I am currently working on a few new things, one being "Breed of Aggression" with Susie Hoffman Beham on Vocals. She's an outstanding vocalist that will be coming out through Darkstar Records. Another is vocalist Brian Troch, who's done many great things like Cyclone Temple, Elliot Waits for No One, and more. We are in the middle of writing a full-length CD and the name of the band is VANTE. Also, another multi-artist CD will be titled Circle of Friends with many special guests like Jimi Bell, Rev Jones, Brian Troch, Michael Ace Gunns, Kyle Michaels, Chris Moore, Leather Leone, and Scott Huffman to name a few.

You are a member of DOMINATION THE PANTERA TRIBUTE and were with Cemetery Gatez “America's Number One Pantera Tribute Band” for 21 years, over the years. What kind of audiences have you played for?  Did Rex or any other members of Pantera ever join you on stage for a song?  

We did our best with Cemetery Gatez at Pops St Louis. We had an original band with Rick Henderson on vocals, Nate Arrington on Bass, Sean Huffstatler on Drums. In the start the original band was Brotherhood of Spine, we added a new drummer due to personal reasons; Buddy Jackson stepped in. We did that for 21 years and did very well all over the Midwest region.  Domination started a couple of years ago with new members: Danimal on bass, Mick Wick on vocals, and Buddy Jackson & I continued on doing the Pantera Tribute to this day and are still going strong. We plan on doing bigger venues & still play Pops St Louis, The Forge in Joliet Illinois and will travel when things work in our favor. To answer you, yes, we get many big crowds, a lot of Pantera fans always thank us for keeping the movement alive. It blows my mind how many Pantera fans are still hardcore lovers of the movement.

What is a special nuance that perhaps audiences and critics miss when describing Darrell Abbott's playing from your perspective?

Dime was a hell of a guitar player and one of my best teachers and the thing to me folks is, he does not go by the book at all.  He was all about just "let it rip" and shred what feels good to you as a player and forget what is proper, just let it flow with what ya know.  I too play like that.  I play notes I have never heard in an order.  That is not the way it should be done, but sounds right to me. Just bend the note till it makes a sound that is cool as hell and make that sucker scream!

You even have the DEAN Guitars endorsement which must have been a surreal moment for you?

Yes, it was! That's when I realized stuff was getting real and I had better start working hard to keep the endorsement. I went out right away and did a photo shoot to make it real. I had met up with the lovely Rita Haney at NAMM 2007 and she helped push things along for me also. I have been loyal to Dean Guitars all the way through it all and they are on every recording I have done, except a few.

This brings us to the former Black Sabbath vocalist Tony Martin.  How did you get to meet his acquaintance and how is the project coming along?

It is coming along just fine.  I am extremely happy to be part of it, and working with all the awesome players involved has been amazing: Danny Needham of Venom on Drums, Greg Smith of Ted Nugent and many other awesome bands on bass, and Magnus Rosen from Hammerfall.  Tony Martin and I had met through Myspace several years ago.  I saw a photo of a guy that said vocalist from England and asked him if he’d be willing to try singing on one of my songs? He replied, “Send it over!” and I did and got it back 3 days later and was astounded by what I had heard. I read his bio and it said ex frontman of Black Sabbath! I said did I just record with the singer of Black Sabbath? LOL  I asked him why he didn't tell me that. He replied, “You never asked!” Long story short, we became friends and continued to write this album between everything we were doing, and Tony Martin's Thorns was born.  I know this album will do well for the Tony Martin Fans.

What were a few of your favorite Martin-fronted Sabbath tunes?

The songs I personally enjoy are, Rusty Angels, Anno Mundi, Headless Cross, I Witness...and the list goes on mate.  The man can sing awesome and everything he's done is awesome and I was nothing but impressed after really listening to him. I have a good feeling that the Tony Martin Thorns album will be just as good as anything he's done.

Besides DEAN Guitar, what is some other equipment you use for live and studio use to satisfy our gearheads?

Engl Amplification always! A huge sound comes out of my Fireball 100 & some awesome software for recording (too many to name), Dunlop Strings 10 through 52 and 10 through 48, Intune Signature heavy Guitar picks for more bite, Randall Cabs with Vintage 30's and mic eliminators.

Do you teach guitar lessons online or in person and if so where can we find you?

Teaching Hummm? I have taught some in the past but I am so busy it's hard to keep up with it.  If I was asked by the right individual who was very serious & really wanted to learn my way of teaching,I would consider it.  They must be very serious about doing the homework.

Do you have any special EVH moments growing up that you would like to share with BRR readers?

Ed VH wow! He's the guy that changed it all. No one can touch what he's done due to the fact he was an inventor of something no one has done. The first time I heard Van Halen I could not believe my ears, that a guy could play that way, for sure was the best in so many ways.  I was also a huge fan of Randy Rhoads and those guys paved the way for many. Love them both.

Have you caught any cool music related documentaries or biopics that you thought were well done and inspiring?

Yes, I've seen a Rush documentary & loved it!  One on Def Leppard, one on Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, Judas Priest, and so many more.   I love them all, as a songwriter I am very open minded to many styles of music.

Thank you Scott for taking this time to be interviewed for Boston Rock Radio, good luck in 2020-21!!!

It was an honor and a pleasure my friend, Thank you for having me, bless everyone through these tough times, best wishes to all and thank you.


Boston Rock Radio Music Journalist Thomas Amoriello Jr. is a heavy metal guitarist, children's picture book author, educator and recording artist who resides in Lambertville, New Jersey, USA. You can learn more about Tom at

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