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Articles Home » Music Talk » Interview with Devil in the Mist Guitarist Gia Federico By Thomas Amoriello Jr.
Interview with Devil in the Mist Guitarist Gia Federico By Thomas Amoriello Jr.

Unleash the Mercy

Interview with Devil In The Mist Guitarist Gia Federico

By Thomas Amoriello Jr.

 Boston Rock Radio


Gia is an instrumental and studio guitarist with her solo project GIA G and in her Alternative Metal band Devil In The Mist with vocalist Katy Reign. This Thursday, October 23rd will mark the release of a new Devil in the Mist single called “Mercy.”  Boston Rock Radio caught up with guitarist and Manchester, Massachusetts resident Gia G (Gia Federico) for the latest news.




Devil in the Mist has a new song and music video being released with Sliptrick Records for an October 23rd release, please tell BRR readers about this?   

Sure, “Mercy” is our first release with  Sliptrick Records, and first with a record label.  We are really excited about it.  We will be doing a full length with them also.


What can Devil in the Mist fans expect from you going into 2021?    

Well the full length 10 to 12 song CD with more music videos, some virtual shows, possible live shows. The full length will be out in the summer.

Please talk briefly about your guitar gear for live and recording?   

For recording, I use one of my Jackson custom guitars or custom fenders for recordings.  The amps I use vary on the songs,  I have 3 JCM 800S Marshalls , a 5150 II,  a Marshall, a JVM, a Revv 40 amp, and  ZT Amp reverb. I’m pretty basic and old fashioned recording with a mic and not going direct.  I don't use any pedals, just straight in the amp.  I might use a preamp pedal to boost the signal but that's about it.  Live is tougher because every room is different, but a similar set up with the same guitars and either the Marshall or 5150  I use, and with live I might use a reverb pedal and sometimes a flange or chorus. I don't use distortion boxes, just the distortion of the amps.

What is your approach to songwriting or creating instrumentals?  Do songs come naturally and spontaneously to you?  Do you keep lyric journals, go through the editing process and rearranging of ideas?   

Songs just come out of nowhere most of the time, and the same with instrumentals.  I have tons of archives and I call them back up files of songs and song ideas.


Like many in the rock community, we know you are lamenting the loss of EVH, if you would like to share a story of a concert that you went to or moment in your life related to having a VH recording on the turntable or tape deck?  

He was the reason I picked up the guitar when I first heard Van Halen and it just blew me away.  I didn’t know that was even a guitar!  I never got a chance to see him but I listened to his albums  for years, studied his style and watched a lot of live shows of him and interviews, and I still do.


How cool was it to hear that solo in “Beat It!” back in the day?   

It was awesome!  I knew it was him right away  


Devil in the Mist:  “Somewhere" 


Have you caught any cool music documentaries or biopics on Netflix that you really enjoyed or learned a thing or two?   

Yes on YouTube I have watched a lot about Elvis, Frank Sinatra, and the Queen movie. 

As we part, please talk about the Gia G project which will also be on Sliptrick Records coming soon?   

Sure, yes GIA G also got signed with Sliptrick.  My next release will be in February of 2021 and a new instrumental and video being released.  I am also planning a full length, too. 


Devil in the Mist:


Sliptrick Records











Boston Rock Radio Music Journalist Thomas Amoriello Jr. is a heavy metal guitarist, children's picture book author, educator and recording artist who resides in Lambertville, New Jersey, USA. You can learn more about Tom at

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