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    Articles Home » Music Reviews » Cerebellion 'Beyond Our Failures' Album Review By JD Rich
    Cerebellion 'Beyond Our Failures' Album Review By JD Rich


    Beyond Our Failures

    Independent Release

    November 11, 2020

    Album Review By JD Rich

    Boston Rock Radio




    Hello my freaky darlings, and welcome to another album review! This is going to be a real test of my descriptive abilities because I’ve never come across a Metal album quite like this, so I’m going to have to dig in and break it down track-by-track. We’re heading to Orange County, California for Beyond Our Failures, the 3rd studio release by Cerebellion.


    To get started, imagine what it would sound like if Thrash Metal and New Age had a love child born playing an acoustic guitar. Now have Metallica and Disturbed take turns as nannies while said love child grows up to become a rebellious (cerebellious?) teenager. I know, this is a very odd way to describe music, but there are weird times we live in my friend. Hang on, it gets weirder. I’m going to have to switch to a more relatable scenario, such as an audio rollercoaster. Buckle up, and please keep all arms and legs inside the vehicle until this review has come to a full stop.​


    Venturing into Beyond Our Failures is a slow trek up that first hill: it’s huge, you don’t know what to expect once you get to the top, but the thrill of the entire ride is why you got on in the first place. You might want to hold on tight!  The first couple of tracks are deceptive, maybe you wonder if you got the right EP. “Before The Storm” is a quickie Spanish guitar instrumental that sounds like it was recorded from a crackly old record player (remember those?). Then, the next song, “Through The Darkness” continues with more acoustic guitar briefly woven into Metalcore. You’re at the top of the big hill now, and you can see exactly what you’re in for just as you plunge down, and the song explodes into full-on Thrash. Are you still with me? We’re only a quarter of the way into Beyond Our Failures, so keep holding on.​


    “Now or Never” and “Someone’s American Dream” encompass Thrash and Metalcore (respectively), as if Linkin Park and early 90s Metallica were battling it out while Green Day waits to tag in. This is where we approach the second half of the album, enjoying the ups and downs of tempos, harmonies, and melodies. Time to decelerate a little with “Redemption” but don’t let your guard down because before you know it, those glorious harmonies morph into Metalcore and launch you face-first into a brick wall. Repeatedly. That’s ok though, because the ride slows down for two and a half minutes with the mysteriously haunting instrumental “Struggle For The Soul."  Don’t get too comfy. It all jumps back into warp speed with “No Space For Silence” the loudest and fastest track on Beyond Our Failures. There are moments to grab a few quick breaths before we jettison into high speed. The audio rollercoaster isn’t over yet, but the end is in sight. You can loosen your grip now. “Up From The Dust” wraps it up on an amazingly calm note, perhaps best described as a power ballad. The acoustic guitar is back to safely bring us into the station, the end of an uncommon musical experience.​


    Hard Rock/Metal fans, this is the musical thrill ride you’ve been seeking. Beyond Our Failures can be added to your collection on November 11th, which also so happens to be National Metal Day. I can’t think of a better album to mark the occasion!


    This review has now come to a full stop. Please make sure you have all your belongings, and exit to your right. Thank you, I hope you enjoyed the ride!


    "Beyond Our Failure" Official YouTube Video 

    "Redemption" Official YouTube Video



    Joe Arnold – Vocals

    John Arnold – Guitar

    Marc Battung – Bass

    Jimmy Schultz – Drums



    CEREBELLION online: 

    Official Website






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