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Articles Home » Music Talk » Interview With Steven Berez (“Ven”) From VENREZ By Nina McCarthy
Interview With Steven Berez (“Ven”) From VENREZ By Nina McCarthy

‘Show Me’ How It’s Done

Interview With Steven Berez (“Ven”) From Venrez

By Nina McCarthy

Boston Rock Radio



Los Angeles based hard rockers, Venrez, was introduced to me in 2019 as they came through New England on tour with LA GunsThe band formed back in 2011 by frontman Ven (hence the Venrez moniker) who met up with multi-instrumentalist Jason Womack and the pair formed a writing partnership almost immediately. West coast readers may be familiar with the names that make up Venrez, but for those unfamiliar, let me introduce you.

Ven is an LA native who began toying with fronting a rock band a few years before he formed Venrez with Womack in the summer of 2009. When Ven and Jason met, they made a pact to make music full time and never stop. This has now carried over 10 years with 4 released studio albums and tours with the likes of Alice Cooper, Slash, Buckcherry, Hardcore Superstar, Michael Schenker, and punk legend Richie Ramone to name a few.

Jason Womack is the former bassist and a co-song writer for Juliette Lewis and the Lick’s and has brought his genius to Venrez from day one. Jason makes one guitar sound like 3, with a style second to none and in addition adds superb harmony as the backing vocalist for Venrez. Jason writes all the music for the band and has produced all the albums to date.

All the way from France, Victor Singer is the drummer for Venrez. This young talented drummer brings a fresh and new sound to the band. Gabe Maskaon bass, is the newest addition to Venrez, coming to Los Angeles from Brazil to follow his dreams of playing music in the rock scene.

August 14th brought us a brand new single, “Show Me,” from the band and that is just the beginning of the new music for 2020-2021 from this 4 piece, showing “a light years jump forward progression of this band,” says Ven.

Thank you to Ven for taking the time to answer some questions for Boston Rock Radio. Make sure to catch Venrez in your area, when Covid restrictions allow touring again! In the meantime, check out their music, give them a like and follow, and consider buying some merch.


For our readers/listeners, can you give me a brief history of how Venrez came to be?

I met Jason Womack and we started jamming and singing together. We knew there was something special there and shook hands on doing whatever it would take to both only do music full time. That was 10 years ago and we continue on.

You’re out in LA and there’s tons of musicians and bands trying to make it. What do you do differently as a band to try to stand out as a band?

Well funny enough, we do not play LA often. I cannot say what we do that is the same or different than any other bands and we do not give any thought to it. We write and record the best songs we can. The live show goes on and we leave our entire hearts, souls, and self on that stage.


I’ve seen you describe your music as 'Epic Alt Rock' and your Facebook page says it’s ‘in your face, sexy, current alt rock!” To get a better visual, would you care to elaborate on that a little?

Well when new bands on the rise begin to be recognized by the masses, there is always that attempt to compare and or classify them. I believe Jason and I have formed a totally new genre and I have tossed a few names at it and descriptions during interviews. It’s like one thinks they’ve heard it before then quickly realizes they have not. We are different and a current band. We are not an 80’s or 90’s rock band.


I've seen the live show and it definitely is some sexy rock n roll! Now, I understand that you’ve been writing some new music and you have 21 new songs. “Show Me” being the first single release which also has a music video. Tell our readers a little bit about this song, why it was chosen for the first single, and when we can expect some more singles.

Actually we have written and recorded over 30 new songs in demo format. The band went into the studio and recorded 10 of them recently. "Show Me" was selected as the first track to release because we wanted a great music video that would also introduce the band to the masses. We had the opportunity to have phenom director Diana Puzikova direct, and she felt that track lent itself best to what we wished to achieve. I wrote the song about so many who find themselves in the narcissist with empath relationship and finally the empath says that’s enough, severs all ties and moves on to a much more healthy life. The second single "Original Sin" will have a music video as well and look for that to drop in late November to mid December.


Official "Show Me" Video - YouTube

You and Jason have been doing some acoustic songs to stream and that’s been cool to see, especially a taste of the new single yet to be released “Love Dance.” Tell me a little about the writing of it and what can we expect when we hear it with the full band?

Since we are not yet releasing the album and simply dropping tracks every 90 to 100 days, we have been stripping down some of the new songs to keep our fans engaged in between dropping the full band tracks. The full band version will drop in February or March of 2021. Jason and I filmed and recorded an acoustic version which is on Youtube and getting a lot of views. "Show Me" is close to 160,000 views in 6 weeks and the acoustic version of "Love Dance" surpassed 41,000 views so far in the first week. I was revisiting lyrics I had written a few months ago and took the best of those words and changed some around to come up with "Love Dance." It’s about that Goddess everyone wants and no one gets to have. Jason and I will be filming and recording 3 more new songs stripped down acoustic tomorrow.

"Love Dance" Acoustic


When is the full album going to be released and is there a working title?

There is no working title and I have no idea if we are going to release an EP or LP. Clearly bands cannot tour right now due to COVID. Moreover, Venrez is not yet a big name branded band, so simply dropping tracks and working them hard is the formula right now. If it turns into an EP or LP release, that will be up to the fans reactions demanding it.


Any label interest you can share with us?

We have had interest in us from a few major labels. If not for COVID we may have signed a major deal already. The issue with rock bands is that labels feel they must tour behind an album and unless your video view numbers, Instagram numbers, and Spotify streaming numbers are at their threshold level, it is not going to happen COVID or not. Therefore, this is why we are dropping tracks, engaging fans world wide and building a large grass roots following. It is very tough to get signed during a pandemic that prohibits touring. A major recording contract is what we seek.


Your tour plans were canceled this year due to Covid because I wanted to do this interview in person when you came through Massachusetts. In the meantime, what have you been doing with your time off the road? 

Continuing to write and record demos, releasing tracks with great visuals, working those tracks hard and keeping our fans engaged and earning thousands of new ones.

(L-R) Jason, Nina Ven, Victor, Gabe, The Vault, New Bedford, MA


Before we conclude, any sponsors or people that you would like to acknowledge that have helped Venrez get to where they are now?

I think Venrez is just beginning. The addition of Gabe Maska on bass as well as Victor Singer on drums, a couple years ago, has truly created a new band. The chemistry of the 4 of us on stage is remarkable. I have never experienced that kind of magic in my career until our last tour with LA Guns where you saw us. We sold all our merch after 5 shows, so it appears the fans liked us. I would like to thank LA Guns for taking us on that last tour in October of 2019 and their manager Scotty Ludwick, as well as Alex Kane who has looked out for us for years and always has our back.  I would also like to thank director Diana Puzikova who has been a huge game changer in bringing the visuals to the music. That is something this band severely lacked in years past.


Any concluding thoughts for our readers?

Well your readers are rock fans and without them there is no rock n roll. They suffer as we suffer during this pandemic, where they cannot go to shows and we cannot perform shows for them. None of us would be blessed to be up on that stage and have a career without your readers and fans of rock. Thank you so much and god bless.)


Official Website




Nina McCarthy, joined the Boston Rock Radio staff in December of 2015. Nina has freelanced for over 25 years, interviewing bands for various webzines. Nina currently focuses full time as the Senior Music Journalist and Digital Content Editor for BRR.  Nina is a very dedicated supporter of the live music scene. Contact Nina at for interviews, reviews, comments, or suggestions.

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