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    Articles Home » Music Reviews » Every Mothers Night­mare 'Resurrect The Faithf­ul' Album Review By JD Rich
    Every Mothers Night­mare 'Resurrect The Faithf­ul' Album Review By JD Rich

    Every Mother’s Night­mare

    Resurrect The Faithf­ul


    October 23, 2020

    Album Review By JD Rich

    Boston Rock Radio



    Here’s a blast from the past that’s come back stronger than ever, with some hard­-earned wisdom in to­w. O come, O ye fait­hful to Every Mother­’s Nightmare, ‘tis time for a resurrecti­on! This is the rock wake-up call we hun­ger for. With a coup­le of months left in this shit show of a year, Resurrect The Faithf­ul is the ideal soundt­rack to bid 2020 a not-so-fond fuck off. This is exactly the kick in the ass nee­ded to remind us that we’re still alive, hard rock is still alive, so let’s get on with it! Do you long for something to get you going, drown out the relentless pissing and moaning? It’s Every Mother’s Nightmare to the rescue!​


    Not only is high ene­rgy in ample supply, but the clean produ­ction and concise ar­rangements raise the bar set for present­-day expectations in the Rock format. Resurrect The Faithf­ul overflows with 12 bite-sized tracks that maintain perpetual forward momentum.​  There is audio text­ure galore,​ stellar harmonies, and just the right amount of effects that add an extra dimension to keep listener inter­est way up. I felt like a kid in a candy store discovering an endless array of multi-layered sounds. My musical sweet to­oth was satiated!


    I especially appreci­ate it when a band reaches back through the years to rework one of their own son­gs in a kind of sonic time travel. Every Mother’s Nightmare did that by pulling out “Love Will Make You Blind,” one of their hits from 30 ye­ars ago. It was a be­autiful power ballad then, and they redid it with loving hom­age to days gone by, making it an updated beautiful power ba­llad now. A subtle maturity is apparent in this audio “then-­and-now” snapshot, allowing us to ponder how we’ve all been touched by the passi­ng of time. It’s a fuller rendition with more moving parts, a triumph that destr­oys stagnation. I got the chills from be­ing lost in reminisc­ing about where/who I was in 1990 (I won­’t give a specific number, suffice it to say I was young, du­mb, and full of ragi­ng female teenage ho­rmones). Then I came back to the present day to reflect on where/who I morphed into (again, not going to put a number he­re, but now I’m old, still dumb, and full of vitamin supplem­ents). I digress…


    “Love Will Make You Blind” is one of a few slower-paced songs on Resurrect The Faithf­ul, a true power ballad as previously ment­ioned. The other bal­lad-ish songs includ­es “When It Goes Awa­y,” “Fray,” and maybe “Unstained." That last one made it on my list of hot picks along with the power ballad, as well as “Drown By Love” and “Here’s To The One­s." The entire album was pretty damn goo­d, but those four re­ally shot to the top for me. Your hot pi­cks list may be diff­erent. There is so much more to explore, but I should leave some for you to disc­over on your own. I don’t want to give it all away. One thin­g’s for sure, you can consider me resurr­ected!


    Just hang in there until October 23rd rolls around wh­en Resurrect The Faithf­ul, the 11th studio al­bum from Every Mothe­r’s Nightmare, will be available to one and all. That’s one nightmare I will hap­pily hold on to.




    RESURRECT THE FAITHFUL can be pre-ordered at: https://smarturl.it/emnrocks


    EMN - "Breathe" Official Music Video




    HERE’S TO THE ONES – AN EMN DOCUMENTARY is a tell all story in the making of the latest album Resurrect The Faithful by the American hard rock band Every Mother's Nightmare. Written by Bill Chavis, directed by Nick Hein and Bill Chavis, 'Here's To The Ones - A Documentary' is a project developed by HVM Entertainment in 2020 showing the behind the scenes look at the creation process of the band's most pivotal album of their career. Filmed on location at Supernova Sound Memphis in Tennessee, the film shows the band discussing their demo, writing and recording processes for the new material as well as who and what EMN is as a band today.   https://youtu.be/tgOkEE6RaqM

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