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Articles Home » Music Talk » Interview with ex-Iron Maiden Vocalist Blaze Bayley By Thomas Amoriello Jr.
Interview with ex-Iron Maiden Vocalist Blaze Bayley By Thomas Amoriello Jr.

A Man Called Blaze

Interview with ex-Iron Maiden Vocalist Blaze Bayley

By Thomas Amoriello Jr.

Boston Rock Radio


(Photo credit: Artur Tarczewski) 

The prolific Blaze Bayley delivers an original brand of heavy rock to his loyal fan base consistently with heartfelt lyrics while making a unique connection with them live.  This is not a record review excerpt but just an honest statement about his career up until this point.  Wolfsbane was the Def America Rick Rubin produced band that first introduced Blaze to Headbanger's Ball audiences circa 1989.  But, The Iron Maiden lead vocalist position is what changed his life a few years later having appeared on The X Factor and Virtual XI as well as touring the world with "Eddie."  Without reminiscing too much, Blaze is an artist in the truest sense of the word taking "metal" to different places from a lyrical standpoint naturally avoiding clichés.  Boston Rock Radio would like to thank Mister Bayley for this exclusive interview.  



Good day Blaze!  Thank you for taking time out of your schedule to share your happenings with Boston Rock Radio today.  Let's start off by talking about how important your right hand man Mark Appleton is to your career as a manager and his various roles?

I’m very lucky to have found a manager that fights for my artistic vision and respects my fans as much as I do. Management in the music business can be an up-at-dawn, pride-swallowing siege sometimes. A huge job with hundreds of details, and a big picture, and a future, and often all those things have to be considered on the same day. I’m very lucky.

Your loyal band of Christopher Appleton (lead guitar/producer/co-writer), Martin Mcnee (drums), and Karl Schramm (bass) have provided the soundscape to your art.  What is the weekly/monthly dynamic like?  Do you have regularly scheduled band rehearsals and nights at the pub?

People seem to think that band members actually live together in the same house when they are not on tour. That may have been true years ago for young bands but it’s not normal for any musicians in a band these days. ABSOLVA is the name of the band. When they are not on tour or recording with me, they are recording and touring Absolva things.




I once saw you perform on a weeknight, in a rural Pennsylvania town in front of a small audience and your intensity was as if you were playing at a Rock at Rio Festival.  What is that shot of adrenaline like for you when you hit the stage with Endure and Survive?

To me every fan is important and every performance is the best I can do in the circumstances. My fans often travel hundreds, even thousands, of miles to see me perform. I always try to do my best for them. I’m so lucky to have such loyal support.


What did you learn from Steve Harris as a songwriter during your tenure with Iron Maiden?

I gained a lot of confidence working with Steve Harris. He liked a lot of my ideas and really showed me how to get the idea of the song sounding on the CD like it does in my head. Great times.


Iron Maiden - Futureal (Official Video)



Can we expect any future collaborations with classical guitarist Thomas Zwijsen?

We are both so busy. If we have time it would be great to do more classical acoustic things.


Blood Brothers (Iron Maiden) Acoustic - BLAZE BAYLEY on vocals - Thomas Zwijsen's NYLON MAIDEN


Here is your chance to tell Boston Rock Radio readers about the recent Tenth Dimension reissue from 2002?

Tenth Dimension is a concept album about a man, Professor William Black, that discovers time travel and astral projection are real and possible for everyone. He creates a machine but the government wants to weaponize his work. Will mankind have any future if that happens?  Musically the Tenth Dimension rages and weeps and fights its way through. The lyric, the story, the emotion of the vocal are always with the emotion and power of the music. I’m very proud of it.

There are still many fans that cherish your time and body of work with Iron Maiden.  Always a tough place to have the role in an established group with a former iconic frontman.  Having toured with Tim Owens, I can imagine it was therapeutic to have discussions on this topic with the Ripper as the two of you had a similar experience.

I’ve been so lucky in my life to work with so many talented people in different situations. Tim Owens is an incredible talent. His voice is huge and versatile. Pure metal, a machine, a warrior.  I have made 10 studio albums, and 3 live, solo albums, and 3 Wolfsbane albums since I left Iron Maiden. Before Maiden I made 5 albums and 1 EP with Wolfsbane. Iron Maiden is a huge and wonderful part of my life, but it's only 2 full records plus the song “Virus.”


What can we expect from the next album you are currently working on with Christopher Appleton (lead guitar/producer/co-writer)?

We are now working full time on a new full metal album. Release in March 2021. Not a concept album, but it has a strong theme. Like my albums Silicon Messiah and The Man Who Would Not Die.


Blaze Bayley Official Website



Boston Rock Radio Journalist Thomas Amoriello Jr. is a heavy metal guitarist, children's picture book author, educator and recording artist who resides in Lambertville, New Jersey, USA. You can learn more about Tom at

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