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By Tiffini Taylor, Contributing Writer

Boston Rock Radio



Lamb of God's release of their eighth studio album has fueled the metal world on fire, including the music charts.  The energy in their live shows is incredible, and the new album is their best to date. After a little over twenty years, Lamb of God still has what it takes to make people bang their heads. Out of Virginia, they have had success.  The band is hitting the road in 2021 and will be continuing to cause a music ruckus. Thank you to bassist John Campbell, who took the time to talk all about the new self-titled album, non-alcoholic beer, and quarantine.



The new album, Lamb of God, was released at the end of June, what was the recording of the album like?  

The process is similar to what we have done in the past. Mark and Willie are our main songwriters and they demo a bunch of stuff at home, then we bring it together and kind of pick through it, figure out which songs we want to learn and work on arrangements. Just take a big group of songs and work on those until we are down to the twelvish that we are going to take into the studio and knock those out. The sound is a little bit different in that Mark and Willie have progressed in that the songs they bring demoed are apparently well fleshed out more so than in the past.

Why did the band name it Lamb of God?

The reason we named the album Lamb of God is because we felt like it was a statement this is us. Despite all the craziness in the world and all the stuff we’ve been through its statement of who we are.


New Colossal Hate” lyric video was released, was this done during quarantine or before?

The video was crafted during the quarantine but again we are musicians we don’t produce video. The music and everything were done well before the quarantine.  Lyric videos are kind of hard to make exciting, but I think this one works in that it’s got a great song and it is visually pleasing.


What are you looking forward to on the tour?

At this point I am just looking forward to being on tour (laugh).  I am looking forward to a vaccine and people being safe and healthy for crowds together, and not being a weird thing. It’s the moment going out on stage, when it’s stepping out on stage  and that feeling of connecting with the audience and that is what I miss the most.


Do you have a favorite song that you play live, out of everything Lamb of God has in its catalogue?

I don’t, I really want to play the new songs.

Has the band ever discussed going on the road and playing from the first album all the way through to this new album?

That would take forever, this is record number eight.

Make it a Lamb of God festival.

We would be playing for eight hours. Let us keep Randy in mind, we can change strings on our instruments and change drumsticks, that guys got one throat.


What kind of bass do you play?

I play an ESP, the Signature Series, based on the stream model they sold at one time.

Why did you choose it? Did it choose you?

What I like about it is it isn’t your typical design, it’s not your Fender Precision, the design it’s got weight to it and it just feels incredibly comfortable to play with. I got to kick out a bunch of notes when I’m on stage so I'm trying to make it as comfortable as possible.


What inspires you as a bass player, on the new Lamb of God album? How long do you practice before you go into record?

We did six weeks of pre-production, during that pre-production we are recording but its very low fi,  doesn’t really matter how great or anything is, it’s a matter of creating a template to take into the studio to then put your tracks on top of and it's really just a way to be quick beats per minute lined.


Who inspired you during your teen years?

When I was a teenager, I was listening to DC Hardcore which was the punk scene coming out of Washington D.C. because I was in the suburbs. That was my everything, as a matter of fact I was in the car with my wife and my phone was on shuffle and an old Dag Nasty song came on. She goes, ‘What is this?’ I go ‘Oh my God this was my world when I was 14.’


Do you have a favorite bass player?

There is a dude named Mike Bishop, years and years and years ago when I moved to Richmond Virginia. He was playing bass in a band called GWAR and then he left GWAR to do a band called Kepone, both of those bands have had a huge influence on my life. Especially his bass playing because he is a fucking monster. Now the singer for GWAR, an amazing citizen of Richmond that I am proud to come from the same town sake.


The band has gone out and done something totally rebellious, you all went out and made a non-alcoholic beer with Brew Dogs named Ghost Walker.  This is genius because rock ‘n’ roll is all about rebelling  so you guys have hit the mark there, so good job. Why?

Thank you very much, I think it has a lot to do with there being a lot of people in recovery, in the band and around the world who enjoy flavorful beers. I do not know if you had a chance to try one yet, it is intensely flavorful. I have never had any beer that had that much flavor in it. They sold out of the first run, hopefully they are busy brewing more, so there will be more for everybody.


Did the band get to see it being made or did you already know the process and let Brew dogs do their thing?

Randy went and visited the brewery and got the tour and inside to the inner-workings of the brewery to create the yeast. He was also involved in the crafting the taste.


What is it like being in quarantine for you as an artist?

Well it’s frustrating because my job relies on people gathering in groups. Looking at everything that is out in the media; it is very unsure when we will be able to get back to work. That is a little nerve racking. I know that there are people in similar and worse situations, so I try not to shed so many tears for myself. But for me this is incredibly boring, but I’m locked in with my wife and I get my kids every other week and we are just doing the thing, homeschooling during the week, today we are celebrating a birthday.  Just trying to make it as normal as possible but this shit is weird, and I am ready for it to be done. Given history we got a way to go on this thing. People freaked out for the quarantine of the Spanish flu and said fuck this I am going out and then they had the second wave which was worse than the first.  


I worry we are going out too early and that is not good.

Well when you say we it is not a national movement it is by state because we lack any effective leadership on a national level, that’s one of the real tragedies of this is it is exposing the weaknesses in our system structurally as well as people who are filling positions today. To paraphrase, we’re fucked.


Do you have anything to say to your fellow bandmates in quarantine?

We communicate regularly, so how about this I love you guys.


Do you have any advice for any new artist or band?

Do it because you love it, not because you think you’re going to succeed financially. Consider what would be a success for you in that and go for that but do not expect to make a living off it. There are bazillions of talented people sitting at home, coming home from a day job to play guitar on the couch. It Takes more than talent, there’s a lot of luck and is it something you love doing, you’re going to enjoy spending your life on your passion.


Anything else you would like to say?

Be kind. Quit being assholes. In this specific time stay the fuck home, wash your hands, we got a couple of years of insanity in front of us. Let us get through this.


Many more years to come of metal from Lamb of God, it will only get better with age just like fine wine. It may be another year of craziness before seeing live shows in a setting in which we are all accustomed to, but the shows will be back in a blaze of glory. Bands are ready and the fans are then willing to go, so until then enjoy all the new music.


The self-titled album was also reviewed earlier by Ally for Boston Rock Radio. See the review HERE.


(Photos courtesy of Lamb of God.)

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